Cinema Cleaner Sparks Debate With Photo As Parents Are Urged To ‘Raise Kids Better’

A cinema cleaner has sparked a huge online debate on Reddit, with some telling viewers they need to 'raise their children better'.
Credit: Littleman212/Reddit

A cinema cleaner has sparked a huge debate on Reddit, with some telling viewers they need to ‘raise their children better’.

It’s an experience all of us share – showing up to watch a movie, and finding our seats absolutely covered in other people’s rubbish.

It’s pretty frustrating, especially when you’ve paid a premium for your tickets and are looking forward to enjoying the film!

Now one cinema cleaner has hit back at those who terrorise other movie-goers with their mess.

They shared images of a theatre that had been absolutely decimated after a film showing, and people are now encouraging parents to ‘raise their children better’.

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The cleaner in question has taken to Reddit to share their outrage.

They explain that the group of teens had booked a private screening at the cinema, then left the film 20 minutes early, prompting suspicion from the staff.

And it turns out, this suspicion was highly justified.

The cleaner entered the theatre to clean up before the next screening and saw the absolute carnage these teens had left behind.

Mess left behind in cinema.
A group of teenage cinema-goers left the theatre covered in litter. Credit: Littleman212/Reddit

The entire floor and most of the chairs were covered in a layer of popcorn, leading us to believe the group may have been having a food fight, rather than properly enjoying the artistry on screen.

This blatant lack of care for the space also shows major disrespect to the cleaning staff, who, of course, had to deal with the enormous mess.

And it seems as though this popcorn chaos was the final straw for one cleaner, who posted pictures to Reddit and sparked a fierce debate among the commenters.

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Some Redditors were on the side of the kids, with one commenting: “If we kept it clean you wouldn’t have a job.”

Another says: “That’s the job,” while a third adds “You literally get paid to clean it up sooooo I don’t know why the f*** you complaining.”

However, many other commenters have come out in support of the cleaner.

Mess left behind in cinema.
The amount of litter has sparked a debate on social media. Credit: Littleman212/Reddit

One comments: “This is terrible. I can’t stand people that can’t respect others’ property.”

Another writes: “I worked in a theatre back in the early 2000s, this reminds me every weekday showing of Harry Potter… I actually overheard a parent saying to his kid, ‘No leave your trash on the floor they will pick it up’, those showing were the dirtiest of them all.”

A third offers a suggestion to prevent this sort of destructive behaviour, writing: “There should be a refundable cleaning deposit for scenarios like this.”

Someone else suggests: “If they purchased a private screening then trace them through their credit cards and charge them for damages, ban them from the theatre chain. There are ways to hold them accountable. Oh and their s****y parents too.”

While a fifth writes: “Scumbags. What sort of trash parents have raised them to do this?”

However, one Redditor can’t believe in the amount of mess for quite a different reason.

They laugh: “All I can see is $5000 worth of popcorn on the ground!”

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