Netflix Users Warned Not To Watch Terrifying Horror Movie

Don't Listen: Netflix users have been warned not to watch the new horror movie that has arrived on the platform.
Credit: eOne Films Spain

Netflix users have been warned not to watch a terrifying horror movie available on the streaming platform.

The platform is the go-to for the latest spine-tingling movies – including the likes of It Follows to The Fall of the House of Usher.

Now horror buffs have discovered a thrilling new movie to watch on Netflix – and it’s making waves on social media too.

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The Spanish film Voces, which is titled Don’t Listen in the UK, arrived on the streaming platform in November 2020 and many users have rushed to watch it since.

It stars Rodolfo Sancho and Ana Fernández García as Daniel and Sara, a couple who have a son named Eric, played by Lucas Blas.

Don’t Listen follows the family as they move into their dream home – but before they know it, it becomes a nightmare as Eric begins to hear voices.

The mysterious voices begin to resonate with him and it soon turns him against his dad.

As the situation becomes more worrying, the parents bring in an external party out of desperation to get to the bottom of the unknown entity that is influencing their son.

Don't Listen (2020)
People are being warned not to watch Don’t Listen as it’s so terrifying. Credit: eOne Films Spain

Directed by Ángel Gómez Hernández, the horror movie has a respectable 63% percentage on Rotten Tomatoes.

Forbes has gone as as far as comparing Don’t Listen’s story to Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House – which itself was a Netflix hit.

After the horror dropped on Netflix, fans took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share how truly terrifying the movie is.

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One viewer says: “So I have just frightened the s*** out of myself before bed watching Don’t Listen on Netflix – like a Spanish version of The Conjuring! Really good and worth a watch.”

“I’ve been saying for years that modern horror is crap BUT THIS WAS AMAZING!!!! Absolutely stunning, dark, violent, shocking and creepy as all hell! Think The Conjuring, but ramped up to ten!” adds someone else.

A third user pens: “Y’all should really go watch Don’t Listen AKA Voces on Netflix!! It’s a Spanish scary movie and that s*** had me jumping.”

Don't Listen (2020)
Don’t Listen has received praise on social media. Credit: eOne Films Spain

Another person comments: “Wow! This movie was incredible, excellent, freaky and dark as hell! Another great Spanish horror film! Don’t Listen on Netflix. If you are looking for a good thriller to watch, I can’t recommend this film any more. It was brilliant!”

While a fifth shares: “Just watched Don’t Listen (Voces) on Netflix and it’s been a while since a horror flick hit like that.”

Watch the trailer for Don’t Listen below…

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