Echoes Leaves Netflix Viewers Obsessed And Demanding More

Echoes on Netflix.
Credit: Netflix

Echoes has left Netflix viewers obsessed and demanding another season. 

The psychological thriller, which is currently in the top ten on the streaming platform, follows the story of identical twins Leni and Gina, who’ve shared a huge secret since being young.

The Netflix description reads: “Identical twin sisters Leni and Gina decide to swap their lives. However, there are dire consequences when one of the twins goes missing, causing both of their lives to rapidly fall apart.”

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The twins are both played by Michelle Monaghan and the series also stars Matt Bomer, Daniel Sunjata, and Dylan James.

Since dropping on the platform, people have been talking about the seven-part thriller and admitted they’ve ‘stayed up all night’ to watch it.

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Discussing it on Twitter, one wrote: “I love when I find random shows on @netflix to watch. It’s a fun game for me to find shows I’ve never heard of and watch the first episode to see what’s what. Now currently obsessed with #Echoes. @realmonaghan and @MattBomer are amazing!”

Echoes on Netflix is wild! Like wtf is even going on?” a second asked.

“I stumbled on Echoes on Netflix and its prime white women being bats*** crazy, which is my favourite genre of television,” a third commented.

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Echoes was created by Vanessa Gazy, who also served as an executive producer on it.

Chatting about the thriller on Instagram, she penned: “Watching your story come to life on set is a beautiful thing. It justifies the hours spent writing and fighting.

“I am so appreciative of the talented, generous collaborators I met on the set of ECHOES, a few of whom are pictured here. They made the shoot of my first American TV project a joyful experience.

“Thank you to you all – and to our @netflix team for the privilege of making this big, complex show in the middle of a pandemic.”

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