Emily Ratajkowski Angers Parents With ‘Irresponsible’ Holiday Photo

Emily Ratajkowski, who is raising her baby gender-neutral, has angered parents with her latest holiday photos. 
Credit: @emrata/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski, who is raising her baby gender-neutral, has angered fellow parents with her latest holiday photos shared on Instagram.

The model is currently celebrating her 30th birthday at a holiday resort in Turks and Caicos.

In one snap, the Gone Girl star can be seen drinking alcohol. However, in another image, she is shown breastfeeding her tot, Sylvester Apollo Bear. 

Emily Ratajkowski Confuses Fans By Calling ‘Gender-Neutral’ Baby ‘Boy’

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski has shared some holiday photos on Instagram but has now been called out by followers over drinking and breastfeeding. Credit: @emrata/Instagram

“Hope you weren’t breastfeeding after having alcohol miss girl,” one follower commented. 

Another added: “Guess that baby loves some good wine too!”

However, others have defended Ratajkowski and argued that she will know what she’s doing. 

“You can still drink alcohol and breastfeed. You can either pump and dump the breastmilk or you can wait for the alcohol to leave your system/milk supply,” one person wrote. 

In agreement, another said: “A glass of wine between feedings does no harm and makes mama happy. Happy mama, happy baby. Don’t be a bully.”

This isn’t the only photo that has triggered the model’s followers recently.

In one of her other holiday snaps, the 30-year-old can be seen holding Sylvester on her hip, while her arm grips onto them.

But many people have pointed out that the baby’s neck and head do not look supported.

One follower commented: “No to mum police but the way Emily Ratajkowski is holding her baby in that one picture is anxiety inducing.”

Another said: “You know the anxiety you feel when you see little kids manhandling their pets? Yeah, that’s how I feel about Emily holding living things.”

Even Piers Morgan hit out at her, saying: “That’s not how you hold a baby!

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