Mia Khalifa Under Fire For Posing With ‘Nazi-Era Wine’

Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram & @miakhalifa/Twitter

TikTok and Instagram star Mia Khalifa is facing a social media backlash after uploading a snap of herself sipping ‘Nazi-era wine’. 

Khalifa, 28, took to Twitter and slammed Israel in a series of tweets while posting photos of herself enjoying some vino. 

The Lebanese-American star, whose real name is Sarah Joe Chamoun, captioned one particular post: “My wine is older than your apartheid ‘state’.”

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Although Khalifa has made a habit of posting anti-Israel comments online, this particular tweet has triggered a widespread reaction – Twitter users have spotted that in the ex-adult star’s snap, one of the bottles of wine dates back to 1943, which is when France was Nazi-occupied. 

One person responded: “You’re drinking wine made in 1943 [in] Nazi-occupied France while denying thousands of years of Jewish history in our ancestral homeland.”

British commentator Darren Grimes added: “She should try drinking that wine in Gaza and see how fast she flees to Tel Aviv.”

While Tablet magazine associate editor Noam Blum commented: “Wine is illegal in Gaza.”

Mia Khalifa drinking wine.
Mia Khalifa took to Twitter and uploaded a photo of herself drinking ‘Nazi-era wine’. Credit: @miakhalifa/Twitter

Despite the intense backlash, Khalifa has doubled down on her comments. 

When one user replied to her saying ‘Israel is the only country in the Middle East where you wouldn’t be stoned to death in the street’, referencing Khalifa’s adult film career, the star replied: “I’ll take my chances in Saudi and Syria, that ‘born in: Lebanon’ on my passport wouldn’t go down well in ‘Israel’.”

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In 2018, Khalifa, who only spent three months in the p*** industry, opened up about receiving ISIS ‘death threats’ over a controversial scene she filmed in a hijab. 

At the time, she said: “It all started to spiral out of control when the death threats from ISIS started coming in. That’s when I stepped away.

“As soon as I started to gain popularity, that’s when I was like ‘Get the f*** out of this’.

“This was not what I was trying to do whatsoever. I just wanted to let loose and rebel a little.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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