Model Who Called For Planes To Have Bigger Seats Looks Unrecognisable In Old Photos

Gracie Bon, the model who called for aeroplanes to have bigger seats, looks unrecognisable in photos from before her body transformation.
Credit: @graciebon/Instagram

A model famous for her distinctive body shape has shared unrecognisable photos of herself from before her extreme transformation. 

Gracie Bon, from Panama, is a fashion, lifestyle and travel content creator who has over five and a half million followers.

She’s taken curvaceous to the next level, and her XXL butt has gotten her in hot water in the past.

Bon has previously gone viral for demanding planes have bigger seats to accommodate her behind.

And now she’s the talk of Instagram after sharing photos from before her body transformation.

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The model first made headlines when she called for planes to have ‘bigger seats’.

At the time, Bon fumed: “So today I had a flight and even if I was flying in first class, I couldn’t fit on the aeroplane – so this is a petition for all the airlines so big girls like me can fly.

“It’s not my fault I have an a*** this big. Please just make them bigger.”

Alongside a crying emoji in the caption, she added: “Can someone give me an ACTUAL solution.”

Gracie Bon
Gracie Bon first went viral for demanding planes have ‘bigger seats’. Credit: @graciebon/Instagram

The post received some major backlash from certain followers, with one commenting: “Your choice, your problem.”

Another pointed out: “Easy to say but once they make seats bigger there will be fewer seats and higher prices and then you will complain again and say make it cheaper.”

Previously, Bon has addressed the rumours and speculation that she’s had surgery to achieve her curvaceous figure.

She told TMZ that she has never enhanced her behind and that she’s simply downsized on the rest of her body.

Gracie Bon
Gracie Bon says she’s never enhanced her behind. Credit: @graciebon/Instagram

Bon has also taken to Instagram to insist she’s ‘never had face surgery’, sharing photos of herself alongside the caption: “How life changes when you start loving yourself. Happy to have you who have seen all my evolution and also those who criticise and wish to be me. And no, I have never had face surgery.”

But now, the model has shared some shocking photos from before her body transformation – and opened up about the journey she took to achieve her eye-catching look…

Gracie Bon
Gracie Bon has become a social media sensation thanks to her curvy appearance. Credit: @graciebon/Instagram

She writes: “21 years old vs 25 years old.

“It all started with loving my 300-pound body. And even so, many tell me: ‘But if you had loved it, you would have stayed like this and not changed’.

“The truth is that I loved it so much that I wanted to take care of it and I decided to save myself, I did not settle for being 21 years old, complaining about it.

“My knee pain, I was also not satisfied with not being able to breathe well when I walked.

“I wanted more. And wanting more is OK, what is best for you and what makes you happy will always be OK. Because in the end, the only thing that matters is you.

“Note: Being skinny does not make you healthy; not even being fit makes you superior… we all have our times and processes and no one knows the condition or health status of an overweight person.

“So if you see someone going through a bad time because of their size, love them very much and understand that you don’t know what they are going through.

“Maybe that affection is all you need to see yourself with loving eyes.”

Gracie Bon
Gracie Bon’s fans are saying she looks beautiful both now and before. Credit: @graciebon/Instagram

Hundreds have taken to the comments and complimented Bon’s new look while saying they are happy she is finally feeling body-positive.

“You deserve this new glow,” one follower insists.

In agreement, another adds: “Happy for you that you are happy with yourself beautiful!!!”

“Today you are perfect but you was always beautiful,” pens a third.

Gracie Bon

Gracie Bon

Gracie Bon

Gracie Bon
Gracie Bon has opened up about her incredible transformation and even shared before photos! Credit: @graciebon/Instagram

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