‘Hidden Compartment’ In Toaster Leaves People Gobsmacked

A woman has shared the 'hidden compartment' in a toaster and people had no idea that it existed.
Credit: @thebigcleanco/TikTok

A woman has shared the ‘hidden compartment’ in a toaster and people had no idea that it existed.

Is there a better kitchen appliance than a toaster? The fact that we can enjoy hot buttered toast at any time from the comfort of our own homes should never go unappreciated.

But many toast fans had long been dealing with the one downside to their favourite food – crumbs.

Toasters are notorious for bringing millions of these tiny bread particles onto our kitchen counters, and it sometimes seems that the more you clean them up, the quicker more arrive.

Well, now one TikToker has revealed an incredible hidden compartment in toasters that makes crumb cleanup a total breeze.

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Cleaning hacks have long been the backbone of the TikTok ‘For You’ page. Who hasn’t enjoyed finding a quick and easy way to de-scale a kettle or remove a stubborn stain?

But the latest cleaning hack to take TikTok by storm is fiendish in its simplicity. In fact, some people are shocked it’s being called a hack at all!

Kacie, who runs a popular TikTok account called The Big Clean Co, reveals all in a video that’s left her viewers shocked. It’s racked up over two million views and 400 comments, with people split on one divisive issue.

She shares: “There are cleaning hacks going around the internet that are not really hacks at all, they make it harder. I’m a professional cleaner, and this week I was sent one. ‘Clean your toaster with a hairdryer’. Just tip it in the bin.”

In the viral clip, she’s seen removing a little tray from the bottom of her toaster that’s filled to the brim with crumbs. She then empties the tray into the bin, leaving her toaster looking absolutely pristine once more.

@kacie_thebigcleanco Tip your toaster in the bin. #cleaningtips #cleaninghacks #hacksandtips #tipoftheday ♬ original sound – Kacie – The Big Clean Co

However, some viewers have been left absolutely flabbergasted that toasters contain a tray at all. One wrote: “There’s a TRAY?!?!?!?”

Another agreed, adding: “Omg I can’t believe this. I always stare at it and get annoyed because of all the crumbs.”

However, some other commenters were shocked for a different reason. They couldn’t believe that some people had never, ever cleaned out their toasters properly!

It is fairly well disguised in the bottom section of the toaster but seems to pull out easily with just a little wiggling. In fact, the compartment in question is (aptly) called a ‘crumb tray’, and you can even buy replacements of them online!

Hidden compartment of toaster.
This hidden compartment in the toaster has left people in disbelief. Credit: @kacie_thebigcleanco/TikTok

One wrote: “OK I understand y’all not understanding about some things but, y’all didn’t know about toaster trays??? Like your house could catch on fire.”

Another added: “Wait, y’all didn’t know it had a tray? What?”

A third wrote, as per the Daily Mirror: “How could you not know there is a tray? How filthy is your toaster? If you have never cleaned the tray I would throw away your dirty toaster and get a new one and this time clean it on a regular basis.”

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A fourth joked that it can hardly be called a hack when the information about the crumb tray is written in the toaster manual.

A further commenter questioned Kacie as to whether every single toaster has this magical cleaning tray, writing: “Do all toasters have that? The thing that be collecting the crumbs?”

Kacie quickly responded, saying: “I haven’t seen one without it yet!”

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Written by Annie Walton Doyle

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