Elena Larrea Has Died Aged 31

Elena Larrea Dead: The influencer and animal rights activist has died aged just 31.
Credit: @elenaypunto/Instagram

Elena Larrea, an influencer and animal rights activist, has tragically died aged just 31.

The content creator, who had over 570,000 Instagram followers, was best known for founding the Cuacolandia equine rescue in Mexico in 2017.

Larrea’s organisation has saved the lives of many horses, donkeys and other animals, which was a huge passion of hers.

“I’ve always worked for animals,” she shared in Spanish during an October appearance on the Comprende Podcast.

“I want to leave the world better than I found it.”

Larrea also worked on OFs, which she started as a means of funding the sanctuary, as reported by the Mexican outlet El País.

“I was already considering closing the sanctuary and finding homes for the horses. Friends started telling me ‘You should open an OFs, what if it goes well for you?’. As I was in crisis, I said ‘Look, I’m going to open one and see if it hits’,” she said, per the Mirror.

But now, the organisation has posted the devastating news that Larrea has passed away.

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Heartfelt tributes have been paid to Larrea following the saddening news, with State Governor Sergio Salomon writing: “I deeply regret the death of Elena Larrea, a tireless fighter for the defence of animal welfare.

“The rescue of thousands of abused horses is testimony to her life and work. On behalf of the Puebla Government, we would like to express our solidarity to her family and friends. With the Ministry of the Environment, we can guarantee the protection of the animals at Cuacolandia.

“We will provide all the necessary help so other horses are cared for by the authorities as well as those already rescued, prioritising their wellbeing at all times. We will follow your example.

“Rest in peace, Elena.”

Elena Larrea with a horse.
Elena Larrea has tragically died aged just 31 years old. Credit: @elenaypunto/Instagram

Others have shared similar heartwrenching tributes to the social media star.

The Animalist Movement of Puebla, which recently partnered with Larrea to help pass legislation safeguarding animal welfare, writes: “Today we lost a great ally and friend who in these months we forged a great friendship.

“Dear Elena from @cuacolandia, hearing about this unfortunate news in the early morning filled us with great sadness, today we not only lost a friend, also today the animals lost a brave woman, a great example of struggle for the new generations.

“Rest in peace.”

Cuacolandia says in a statement translated from Spanish and shared on Instagram on March 20: “We will remember and continue working for everything that was courageously promoted by this foundation.

“We will promote her legacy and love so that our horses, donkeys and mules live in freedom and in adequate conditions in Mexico and here, our sanctuary for horses rescued from abuse and abandonment.”

Elena Larrea
Tributes have flooded in for the late Elena Larrea. Credit: @elenaypunto/Instagram

The organisation adds: “We thank you for all your love and dedication, and wish you eternal rest and peace We’ll miss you.”

Mexican actress Sylvia Pasquel writes on Instagram: “You left a beautiful mark on everyone we met, you were an angel on earth for many… Your example and legacy will continue to inspire those of us who seek a better world for animals.”

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Larrea’s cause of death has also been confirmed by Cuacolandia.

The sad statement from the team reads: “With deep sorrow, we inform you of the departure of Elena Larrea, president and founder of Cuacolandia, who, unfortunately, yesterday, Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at 3:30pm, died due to a pulmonary thrombosis that caused a clot in the lung.”

A pulmonary thrombosis ‘occurs when a clump of material, most often a blood clot, gets stuck in an artery in the lungs, blocking the flow of blood’, as per Mayo Clinic.

It is unclear what exactly caused the blood clot to form, however, it’s been alleged that Larrea’s death follows a liposuction operation.


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