People Rush To Defend Influencer Who Refuses To Swap Plane Seats So Family Can Sit Together

People are rushing to defend an influencer who would refuse to swap plane seats so a family could sit together.
Credit: @audreypeters/TikTok

People are rushing to defend an influencer who would refuse to swap plane seats so a family could sit together.

As a parent, boarding a plane with a child can be a difficult task, as you have no idea how your child will act.

They might be super calm, they might sleep through the whole journey, or they might scream the whole time – which is worse if you’re not sat with your partner and you are left to deal with the child by yourself.

While you could ask to swap places to ensure that you are all together, one influencer has received support for how they would deal with a family that wants to sit by each other.

Check out this woman’s flight from hell as a passenger lets their child over other passengers…

Influencer Audrey Peters, who boasts over 660,000 followers on TikTok, is going viral after posting a video of her claiming she would refuse to give up her seat on a flight for a family.

The short clip, which has had over 147,000 likes, features her gleefully sipping a glass of champagne with the text reading: “When a family asks me to switch seats on a plane so they can sit together.”

It’s captioned: “No I’m not switching for a middle seat, book your flights earlier babes.”

The background audio features a soundbite from the film The Reading, where one of the characters says: “Girl, f*** them kids, and f*** you too.”

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This is a trend that has been making waves on TikTok – with over 70,000 people using it on videos so far.

Viewers have come to the 25-year-old’s defence, saying they would do the same if they were put in the same situation.

One person writes: “I’m so sick of people thinking it’s OK to disrupt someone for their lack of planning.”

Audrey Peters
People are rushing to defend an influencer who would refuse to swap plane seats so a family could sit together. Credit: @audreypeters/TikTok

“As a mother of two… I fully agree with your stance lol,” adds another.

Someone else comments: “They literally pass the option to chose their seats when buying their tickets… so no.”

A fourth says: “As you should, queen.

“As someone who works for an airline, people really do think we must worship them because they’re travelling with children.”


No I’m not switching for a middle seat book your flights earlier babes #travel #traveltiktok #planetiktok #planes #parisfashionweek #paris #europe #plane

♬ original sound – Sunshynelove21

However, some users have explained that sometimes it is out of their control when families are separated on flights.

One person writes: “Yes BUT when you book your flights months in advance and pick seats together then delta moves your 2-year-old to the back of the plane away from you.”

“Not gonna lie sometimes the airlines move seats without notification,” adds someone else.

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A third person shares: “The airline separates families all the time even though you book well in advance…happened to me.”

Peters has gone on to validate her TikTok by claiming that it was simply a joke and she did not actually refuse to move seats.

She explains: “Guys if it wasn’t clear enough no one actually asked me to switch lol, I was just on a plane and thought of the joke.”

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