Netflix Fans Hail New Action Movie As ‘100/10’ And Say It Doesn’t Have A ‘Single Dull Moment’

Netflix's Badland Hunters has been called '100/10' by fans of the platform's dystopian action movie.
Credit: Netflix

A new Netflix action movie is being called ‘100/10’ as viewers praise it for not having a ‘single dull moment’.

The streaming platform’s most recent content has proven the 2024 is going to be a fantastic viewing year.

We’ve already seen a ‘real life Gone Girl‘, the true story of the c**nibal plane crash, and the Sofia Vergara biopic of a drug lord.

And now, there’s a new must-watch that’s been added to the platform.

A new dystopian action movie that’s just dropped is being lauded as ‘100/10’ by viewers, who are encouraging everyone to tune in.

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The film in question stars Eternals’ Don Lee, Chimera’s Lee Hee-jun, K-Pop star Lee Jun-young, and Roh Jeong-eui from Our Beloved Summers.

And the official Netflix synopsis reads: “After a deadly earthquake turns Seoul into a lawless badland, a fearless huntsman springs into action to rescue a teenager abducted by a mad doctor.”

People have been quick to jump onto X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their rave reviews.

One user says: “One of the most exciting aspects of in terms of action was director Heo Myeong-haeng utilising more than just Don Lee’s fists to show his tremendous action chops and abilities as a performer, by varying up the weaponry, he created a new style of action for him.”

“I’m recommending for you, 10/10,” another adds.

A third writes: “One last hunt to save us all. Must watch movie for action movie lovers!”

Badland Hunters
People are saying the Netflix show doesn’t have a ‘single dull moment’. Credit: Netflix

“A classic, albeit predictable, gory action flick of people getting what they deserve,” a fourth adds.

While another rates the movie ‘100/10’.

Somebody else pens: “It’s spicy and I like it! It isn’t high art, but it is rip-roaring fun that gets bigger and louder with each subsequent act!

“Filled with charm, humour and ultra-violent fight scenes, the film is a top-tier popcorn flick for anyone in love with the action genre! Or, anyone deeply enamoured with Don Lee’s action career, for that matter.

“It’s difficult not to crack a huge smile whenever Don Lee enters a scene because he’s so charismatic and has the physical prowess to be intimidating at the same time.

“He reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger… if he was Korean!”

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So, what’s the name of the movie that’s taking the internet by storm?

The film is called Badland Hunters.

And as Netflix’s Tudum article explains: “It’s been three years since a massive earthquake decimated Seoul, turning it into an apocalyptic wasteland. Many survivors now live in the Bus District, where there’s no fresh drinking water, rogue gangs harass the villagers, and massive crocodiles prowl.”

To make things even more exciting, the movie is available to stream right now!

You can watch the trailer below…

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