Jennifer Aniston Fans Disgusted By David Letterman’s ‘Inappropriate’ Behavior Towards Her In Resurfaced Interview

A David Letterman interview with Jennifer Aniston is leaving fans disgusted.
Credit: CBS

Jennifer Aniston fans have been left disgusted by David Letterman and his ‘inappropriate’ behaviour towards her in a resurfaced interview. 

The Friends actress, 54, is one of the most recognisable stars in Hollywood thanks to her roles in We’re The Millers, Murder Mystery and Marley & Me.

Meanwhile, Letterman is recognised as the longest-running late-night TV host in American history.

Recently, a 1998 clip of the pair has resurfaced and it’s left fans horrified.

Watch the clip below…

Aniston appeared on The David Letterman Show to promote her then-upcoming film The Object of My Affection.

During the interview, the then 51-year-old mentions to the 29-year-old that she is probably ‘swarmed’ by people – as this interview was during the heights of Friends’ popularity.

She dismisses this, however, saying it’s ‘not as bad people think it is’.

However, she does go on to mention she recently had an odd encounter when people noticed her in the sauna.

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This is when Letterman asks if Aniston was naked – to which she says yeah – before adding that would make the encounter better.

The Horrible Bosses actress then jokes that there were 100 naked women in the sauna – leading to the chat show host excitingly asking what happened next.

Strangely, Letterman gets up and leans over to Anniston and says: “Forgive me if this is rude, I just want to try one thing.”

Initially, The Morning Show star tries to stop him, but he continues and proceeds to lick her neck and hair.

David Letterman and Jennifer Aniston
Fans have been creeped out after a clip of David Letterman licking Jennifer Aniston during a resurfaced interview. Credit: CBS

She awkwardly laughs off the encounter but does grab a tissue to wipe his saliva off of her hair – before jokingly putting the tissue in her pocket and telling the audience that ‘it will be worth something one day’.

While the segment may have been accepted at the time, fans who are watching it now have reacted differently.

“This was disturbing to watch,” writes one person, while another dubs it as ‘completely gross’.

Someone else comments: “These Letterman clips have been making the rounds online – and they are disturbing to say the least.

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“How was this even acceptable baffles the mind and conscience.”

A third adds: “Ewww it’s a good thing that times have changed.

“I mean, [how] could he not see how uncomfortable she was… awkward.”

Another person pens: “He is so disgusting. This isn’t even the first video I’ve seen of him completely disregarding women’s personal space ew.

“Imagine your hair smelling like a 60 y/o’s spit.”

“That was horrible, she clearly didn’t want it or like it and the audience saw that,” writes a fifth.

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