Angela White Shares The Longest Amount Of Time She’s Had S**

Angela White has shared the longest amount of time she has had s**.
Credit: @theangelawhite/Instagram

Angela White has shared the longest amount of time she has ever had s** for.

White, 37, is one of the world’s most successful adult film stars and has even earned the nickname the ‘Meryl Streep of p***’.

She began working in the industry when she was 18 but has admitted that she knew she wanted to be an adult star since she was just 14 years old.

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White has been in the business for almost 20 years and has been open about her experiences, including her biggest regrets.

Now she has revealed the longest time she has ever been intimate with a partner.

Appearing on the Only Stans podcast, White reveals that she once went for six hours with someone.

Speaking to host Glenn Balls, the adult star says: “The longest I’ve had s** for is like, six hours.

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“It wasn’t, like, just penetrative s** for six hours. We were fooling around for six hours and having s** – making out, some o***, like, some cuddles, some cuddle-f***ing.”

She goes on to add that it wasn’t for work and nor was it filmed, but it was simply just for enjoyment.

During that encounter, White and her partner would stop for the odd toilet break.

Elsewhere on the podcast, White used the opportunity to clarify the time she ‘almost died’ while filming a scene.

Kieran Lee – who allegedly has his nine-and-a-half-inch manhood insured for $1 million and has been branded the ‘world’s best adult star’ – previously claimed that he sent White to the hospital with a burst appendix while shooting content.

In the podcast, however, she’s squashed these rumours, saying ‘it has been blown out of proportion’.

Angela White
Angela White has revealed that the longest intimate session she has had is for six hours. Credit: @theangelawhite/Instagram

White says: “My appendix actually did not burst, but it is true I had appendicitis and did have to have emergency surgery to have it removed.

“There is no medical evidence to suggest his giant d*** was pummeling my organs.”

However, the adult star does joke and say that his manhood ‘did reach organs that shouldn’t be reached’.

“But there’s more room in there, now that [my appendix] has been removed!” she jokingly adds. “There’s a lot more room to accommodate.”

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White has also used her platform to talk about what needs to change in the industry, as gender inequality is still an issue in the adult film business.

Speaking to Man Of Many, she explains: “If a man goes into p*** and is having s** with a bunch of women, he’s considered a champion. He’s celebrated, but a woman is s***-shamed.

“That myth in and of itself says a lot about our society and culture and how we view women in relation to s**.”

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