Adult Star Angela White Shares Her Weirdest Requests From Fans

Adult star Angela White has shared the weirdest requests she gets from her fans.
Credit: @theangelawhite/Instagram

Angela White has shared the weirdest requests she gets from fans. 

White, 37, is one of the world’s most successful adult film stars and she’s very open about her career.

She’s previously said she wanted to work in the industry since she was 14 years old, while her parents found her decision ‘tough’.

White has also revealed her biggest career mistake, and how she initially wanted to do ‘everything’ by herself.

But she’s now opening up about her fans and how some of them have the most bizarre requests.

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In recent years, White has found huge success on the subscription site OFs.

She turned to this platform during the pandemic as people were forced to work from home – and it’s now become her main source of income.

Speaking on I’ve Got News For You, White revealed that she is in the top 0.01 per cent earners on the site and she ‘does well’.

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The adult star also revealed that the platform allows her to interact directly with her fans – letting them request stuff for her to do on camera.

White explains: “I mean, foot fetish stuff is very popular. I also have a large community of Gooners.

“Gooners love to edge so edge themselves – and not just like regular edging where you take yourself to the brink of org*** and then pull back for maybe for 30 minutes [to] an hour.”

Angela White
Angela White has shared the weirdest requests she gets from fans. Credit: @theangelawhite/Instagram

She continues: ”Gooners edge for days, weeks, months without completion. And they just obsess over me and I really enjoy making content for them, because they get so excited about it.

“They’re a lot of fun.”

White has been a big advocate of OFs, admitting it has helped ‘normalise’ the idea of women exposing themselves.

Speaking to Man Of Many, she says: “With the explosion of OFs, I feel like adult entertainment has become a little bit more normalised.”

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White adds: “The industry shut down for a long period of time, and OFs was a great way for performers to work from home, do solo content, interact with fans, and do custom videos.”

Elsewhere in her chat with I’ve Got News For You, White believes that she could make content every day but understands that she needs to give her body a break.

Due to this, she has set up her schedule so that she shoots ‘at least once every second day’.

She explains during the podcast: “And then I have the other day that I’m not shooting, which is all about pre-production and buying wardrobe and doing the emails, paperwork and everything else that I need to do.”

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