Kanye West Fans Concerned As Rapper Is Seen With Lip ‘Growth’ In New Video

Kanye West has left fans concerned after sharing a video in which he can be seen with a lip 'growth'.
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Kanye West fans have been left concerned after seeing his lips in a new video.

The ‘Flashing Lights’ rapper’s bizarre behaviour has dominated headlines in recent years.

West’s actions are never far from the front page, from his highly publicised split from Kim Kardashian to his viral fling with Julia Fox, to whatever is going on with his new ‘wife’, Bianca Censori.

But this week, fans are feeling concerned for the ‘Gold Digger’ artist after he posted a worrying new video.

He appears to have a ‘growth’ on his lip, and people are anxious about what it is…

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West shared an Instagram story of himself in an airport alongside his 29-year-old wife.

People have been concerned with West’s relationship with Censori for some time, particularly because of her strange and skimpy outfits when the pair are seen together in public.

West used his Instagram story as an opportunity to address the hate, ranting: “Don’t ever say nothing negative – if you don’t like my page, and don’t like what I’m posting, go f*** yourself, seriously.

“Leave me – leave the king the f*** alone – I don’t care bro, I’m gonna post my wife as much as I want – go post your wife on your f***ing Instagram.”

However, it wasn’t West’s words that everyone was focusing on.

Instead, people noticed something weird about West’s appearance…

Kanye West lip
Kanye West fans were left concerned by his recent Instagram video, as he appears to have a ‘growth’ on his lips. Credit: Instagram

“What’s that thing on your lip?” one follower asks.

Another questions: “What happened to your face?”

A third agrees: “I was wondering the same thing.”

While others theorise that it’s West’s expensive new dental work that’s causing him issues.

One says: “I’d say he’s accidentally bitten his lip with the titanium teeth lol.”

While another adds: “More like his new grill on his teeth that is extremely sharp – probably got cut on it.”

And now, Dr Praveen Sharma, scientific advisor to the British Dental Association, has shared with the Daily Mail what the lump on West’s lip might be…

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Sharma says bumps such as the one on West’s lip can be due to an ‘allergic reaction’ or ‘blocked minor salivary glands’, adding: “… [They] can also appear as swellings that can sometimes change size during mealtimes when more saliva is produced.”

While Karen Coates, a registered dental nurse and Oral Health Foundation spokesperson, comments: “One of the possible causes of a lump like this on the lip is some form of dental trauma.

“This could happen in a variety of ways including pressure from trapping the lip, an old piercing, a sports injury or injury from forms of snap-on teeth moving in the mouth.

“Occasionally, implant-supported dentures can move, causing trauma to the surrounding tissues.”


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