Katherine Ryan Defends ‘Offensive’ Joke That Got Her ‘Cancelled’

Katherine Ryan has defended the 'offensive' joke she made that got her 'cancelled'. 
Credit: @kathbum/Instagram & BBC

Katherine Ryan has defended the ‘offensive’ joke she made on Mock the Week that got her ‘cancelled’ back in 2013. 

In the clip, the comedian is asked to come up with an ‘unlikely line from a cosmetics commerical’.

Taking centre stage, she says: “We don’t test any of our products on animals. We use Filipino children.”

Watch the moment Katherine Ryan made the ‘offensive’ joke on Mock the Week

Ryan recently reflected on the joke in an interview with Radio Times and admitted that she doesn’t ‘spend loads of time or energy’ worrying about coming across as ‘offensive’.

In a chat with the publication, the Canadian explained: “I don’t spend loads of time or energy trying to change their mind.

“What I was saying with that joke was that Western cultures present this pious image where they’re like oh, we don’t test products on animals.

“But if you dig deeper they’re doing something much worse, they have underpaid workers or child workers in places like the Philippines.”

She continued: “It was taken out of context and it really blew up.

“There were demonstrations outside the BBC and that was my first foray into being cancelled.

“It went away and then teenagers find comedy online from years ago and they just can’t believe it and then I get cancelled all over again!”

This isn’t the only time that people have said Ryan has gone ‘too far’ with her humour.

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Katherine Ryan
Katherine Ryan has defended the ‘offensive’ joke she made on Mock the Week back in 2013. Credit: @kathbum/Instagram

When presenting the BBC show All That Glitters, she approached a contestant and remarked: “Do you know how confident a straight white man would be right now?”

She added: “Think about Boris Johnson, how pleased he’d be right now.”

After the episode aired, people took to Twitter and said they weren’t amused by her comments.

One person tweeted: “‘Just think how confident a straight white man would be!’ That sounds like something a white supremacist would say…”

Another added: “‘Think like a white man’. How is this acceptable?! She needs to be removed!”

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