‘People Are Intimidated By My Beauty And I Get Scowls From Other Women’

A woman has gone viral after claiming her beauty 'intimidates people' and she 'gets scowled at by other women'. 
Credit: @brenttany_/Instagram & @brenttanye/TikTok

A woman has gone viral after claiming her beauty ‘intimidates people’ and she ‘gets scowled at by other women’. 

People can spend hours and a fortune on trying to look as attractive as possible, as a means to feel good.

While many believe it is a positive to look pretty, one person begs to differ.

A TikTok post from over a year ago has resurfaced recently and it shows a woman discussing beauty and how she’s been treated throughout her life, and her opinion has been making waves across social media.

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Motivational speaker Brenttany Sharraine, who has a whopping 167,000 TikTok followers and more than 16,000 Instagram followers, believes she gets treated differently because of the way she looks.

And she’s added that this treatment isn’t always positive, as people would presume.

Sharraine clarified that it is not ‘pretty privilege’ – a trend where good-looking people believe they are treated better because of their appearance – but rather her own experiences.

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The motivational speaker started her TikTok with: “This is just me giving you guys my experiences on how people treat me.

“Yes, I do get a lot of stares and I get a lot of compliments too.

“Some people gaze and some people scowl at me.

“But what I’ve noticed is that the people who usually scowl are usually women. I have never in my life noticed a man scowling at me, so it says a lot.”

Brenttany Sharraine
Brenttany Sharraine believes her beauty ‘intimidates people’. Credit: @brenttany_/Instagram

Sharraine went on to say that she feels like a ‘trophy’, as previous partners tended to introduce her to friends and family early in the relationship, regardless of how serious they were. 

The influencer continued: “I’ve been told I come off very intimidating, although I’m not mean at all to people.

“I’ve been invited to events and meetings with business partners. 

“I’m aware now as a woman in her late 20s that I’ve been used as a trophy before.”

Sharraine also said that her appearance has affected her relationship with other females too. 

She claims to have been told by women that they thought she was a ‘b****’ when they first met her.

@brenttanye I’ve been seeing pp videos on my fyp. I don’t know if this is pretty privilege but this is my insight #adviceforwomen #prettyprivilege #journeyofself ♬ A moist healing song – Nez Tunes

Sharraine then mentioned that men have previously told her that she looks ‘expensive’, even if she isn’t wearing anything luxurious.

The motivational speaker added that she had also been excluded from friendship groups, including the ones that she created.

Sharraine finished the video off by saying: “I was told as a child that it’s unattractive to believe that you are pretty, even if you are.”

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While the comments on Sharraine’s TikTok are turned off, people have still been discussing her video online.

One person wrote: “Agreed I’ve had the worst few years because of my looks.

“Block support and well I’ve lost friends and my life made hell! Agreed pretty privilege! No pretty hurts!”

Someone else added: “She’s right. Really stunning-looking girls do have a lot of problems with unwanted attention.”

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