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Security Expert Breaks Down Miley Cyrus’ Bodyguard’s Behaviour After Fans Spot ‘Worrying’ Detail

Credit: @mattwallace888/Twitter & LADbible TV via YouTube

Miley Cyrus’ fans were left worried after seeing a video of the singer with her bodyguard at the Grammys – and now a security expert has broken down what was really happening in the viral clip. 

From Jay-Z slamming the awards show for snubbing his wife Beyoncé, to Taylor Swift seemingly ‘blanking’ Celine Dion, the celebrities of the music ceremony have generated a ton of gossip.

But it was a moment between Cyrus and her bodyguard that really got everyone talking.

People have taken to social media and offered up their theories about what was really going on – and now a security expert has weighed in on what he thinks happened.

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The clip in question saw Cyrus walking the red carpet with her bodyguard.

He seemed to be innocently carrying a large black umbrella to protect her from the rain.

But many believed that this umbrella was not all it seemed…

People have alleged that the bodyguard was concealing a major weapon.

One person takes to X (formerly known as Twitter) and claims: “Fake arm holding umbrella. So the arm is under coat presumably with a weapon. Completely unnecessary at the Grammy Awards. This bodyguard is a clown. But in serious environments, the fake arm is a common tactic.”

Someone else alleges: “Auto firearm dressed as an umbrella?”

Miley Cyrus and her security guard at the 2024 Grammys.
Miley Cyrus walking alongside her bodyguard at the Grammys has gone viral on social media. Credit: @mattwallace888/Twitter

YouTuber Matt Wallace also created an explanation video in which he claims that Cyrus is ‘in danger’, believing the umbrella to be a fake – albeit without any major evidence.

Others have taken to social media and said that the internet is overreacting.

“He’s holding an umbrella, of course, that won’t swing like the right he might jab someone near him front or back if it’s long enough. Plus it is raining,” one person writes.

Another adds: “You’re too deep bud. I’m an executive protection guard. We can’t carry rifles in public or violate any other weapons law. It’s just an umbrella man.”

“Bro, I hold an umbrella the same way in crowded places to avoid hitting someone this a big reach,” agrees a third.

And now security specialist Will Geddes has opened up to LADbible about what he thinks was really going on.

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He explains that as a licensed security officer, he does believe it’s likely Cyrus’ bodyguard was carrying a weapon.

“There’s every good chance that he was using that umbrella to basically make it less easy for somebody if they wanted to chuck something,” Geddes suggests.

An umbrella can be used as a sort of weapon in its own right, plus can be a great way to protect a celebrity from incoming threats.

However, he does think the rigid way the man was walking is a little odd.

The fact the bodyguard was looking straight ahead, rather than checking the crowd for potential threats, gives Geddes pause.

Geddes concludes that if the umbrella was actually a weapon, it’s more likely to be a ‘tactical umbrella’ than any sort of gun.

“These umbrellas are very, very rigid. They’re not like your regular umbrellas, which just simply sort of fold if you hit someone with them, they’re reinforced steel,” the security specialist explains.

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