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Mum Says She’s Allowed To Look Through Her Kids’ Phones Because She Pays For Them

A mum has argued that she's allowed to look through her kids' phones because she pays the bill. 
Credit: @museparty/TikTok

A mum has argued that she’s allowed to look through her kids’ phones because she pays for them.

Many parents are becoming concerned about what their kids get up to when on their phones.

We often hear about risks online, from cyberbullying to catfishing.

A recent survey found that 54% of parents are supervising their teenagers’ activity in at least two forms through their phones.

Laura Muse, from the US, is one of many parents to admit that she has snooped through her kids’ phones.

Laura Muse
The mum says she can go through her kids’ phones whenever she wants to. Credit: @museparty/TikTok

Every night, the mental health clinician grabs her teenage son’s phone before he falls asleep.

She also screens his and her teen daughter’s online activity and personal correspondences.

The mum told the New York Post: “I own their phones, I pay for the phones. I can go through them whenever I want.”

She added that it’s how she ‘manages her ship’.

Muse has also opened up about her parenting rules over on TikTok.

In a viral post, she can be seen standing with her son, while music with the lyrics ‘This is no big deal’ plays.

The text on the screen reads: “Me every time I look through my teenager’s phone.”

Laura Muse and son.
The mum’s video has sparked a huge debate on social media. Credit: @museparty/TikTok

The clip has garnered a staggering one million views and hundreds have taken to the comments and said they agree with Muse.

A fellow parent writes: “My daughter had to turn her phone in every night at bedtime and yes, I looked at it. It’s for their protection.”

Another agrees, adding: “It’s no big deal because you’ve done a fine job at raising them!

“You are truly blessed with beautiful and amazing kids. Good job momma bear!”

While a third person comments: “I love that you guys have a relationship where that is good and you can.”

However, others have taken to the comments and argued that it’s an ‘invasion of privacy’.

“Why [do] you go through his phone?” one questions. “Let him have privacy.”

A second says: “My mom doesn’t go through my phone unless I give her a reason not to trust me.”

“Checking your kids’ phone is an invasion of privacy and shows you don’t trust them. They will never open up to you ever again,” a third pens.

In response to this last comment, Muse says: “I pay for the phone and when you have nothing to hide because we can openly communicate about life it’s no big deal… Sorry you don’t have that in your life.”

@museparty I feel the same when I read his comment section🥴🤦🏼‍♀️ #nobigdeal #raisingteens #cohenmusey #musecrew ♬ original sound – Hannah Bate

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