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Mum Goes Viral After ‘Making Butter With Breast Milk’

Credit: @laurahall53/TikTok

A mum has gone viral on social media after using her ‘own breast milk to make butter’.

Laura Hall has taken to TikTok and claimed she’s made ‘udder butter,’ which she’s even tried out on toast.

Speaking in a video, she said it started out as fun, as she would express milk and leave it in jugs where the cream would rise to the top.

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The mum has gone viral on social media after using her ‘own breast milk to make butter’. Credit: @laurahall53/TikTok

Feeling creative, the mum decided to churn the cream until it became yellow and thick, just like butter.

Hall has admitted she’s ‘never felt so proud’ before.

Hilariously, the mum has even managed to get others to try out her concoction, including her husband.

In one video, she asked her partner to rate the butter out of 10, after smothering it on toast. After some consideration, he told her he would give it a five.

But he then added he would only eat it if he was absolutely starving.

Hall also tried her own breast milk butter, admitting: “It doesn’t taste great.”

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The mum’s original video has since accumulated a whopping 1.2million views and thousands have taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person said: “That’s probably some of the healthiest butter on the planet!”

Another added: “Yasss mama! Freeze it and save it for when the baby starts solids and put it on potatoes.”

“Can… can you moo for us?” a third joked.

However, some people weren’t impressed by the idea and said they found it ‘gross’.

One TikToker commented: “This is my 13th reason.”

Pitching in, a second said: “Girl, you’ve crossed a line.”

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