Netflix Viewers ‘Scarred For Life’ As They Struggle To Sleep After Watching New Horror

Netflix viewers have been left 'scarred for life' and are struggling to sleep after watching its latest horror, The Strays.
Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers have been left ‘scarred for life’ and are struggling to sleep after watching its latest horror. 

There have been plenty of horror films that have been a hot topic in recent months, from The Menu to the gory Terrifier 2, which left cinemagoers fainting.

However, a new one is going viral on social media and it’s even being compared to Jordan Peele’s Get Out and Us.

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British horror movie The Strays (2023) stars Ashley Madekwe, Bukky Bakray, Jordan Myrie and Maria Almeida, among others.

Directed by Nathaniel Martello-White, the film follows a light-skinned Black woman who is married to a white man.

She lives the ‘picture perfect’ life with her husband and two children, however, this is all put under threat when two people move into the suburban town.

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Apparently, Martello-White was intrigued by the idea of ‘code-switching’ – which is a term for someone from an underrepresented group who changes how they behave and speak in order to fit in.

The director tells Big Issue: “Code-switching is something that a lot of Black people don’t even realise they’re doing.

“It has just become a sort of subconscious survival mechanism.”

The Strays (2023)
Netflix viewers have been left ‘scarred for life’ and are struggling to sleep after The Strays. Credit: Netflix

Those who have already watched The Strays are taking to Twitter and warning others to not watch it before going to bed.

“I could have been asleep. Don’t watch The Strays on Netflix,” one viewer warns.

Another adds: “If you’re trying to sleep well tonight, don’t watch The Strays right before bed.”

Somebody else writes: “Just finished watching The Strays on Netflix and I think I’m scarred for life because what the hell did I just watch!”

The Strays was straight up crazy, it gave a Get Out vibe,” a fifth person pens.

The Strays is just one of many scary movies to have dropped on Netflix this year.

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Recently, people have also been talking non-stop about a brutal new horror film called The Outwaters, which is being dubbed the ‘next Blair Witch Project‘.

It follows four friends as they plan to make a music video out in the desert.

However, their plans are interrupted when they encounter unusual animal behaviour and weird vibrations.

Discussing the movie online, one fan writes: “The Outwaters is the first film to give me nightmares since childhood.

“I love when a film connects with me in a special way, knowing others could interpret it differently.”

While a second says: “I’m still processing The Outwaters.

“[It] made me so uncomfortably dizzy that I had to leave the theatre to vomit. This never happened to me before.”

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