Nicola Sturgeon Clashes With ‘Racist’ And ‘Fascist’ Jayda Fransen In Viral Clip

Credit: @owenjones84/Twitter & @nicolasturgeon/Instagram

Nicola Sturgeon has been filmed dubbing Jayda Fransen ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ in an argument outside a polling station. 

The First Minister was confronted by the former Britain First deputy, who has previously been convicted of racist offences, on Thursday afternoon outside a local primary school. 

In the clip, Fransen can be heard saying: “Do you really think Marxism is the way forward for Scotland?”

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Another person then shouts: “Facism doesn’t explain itself, that’s why you’re walking away. You’re the real fascist. You’re trying to turn Scotland into a socialist republic.”

Sturgeon hit back, saying: “You don’t know anything about this constituency. We’ll see the locals’ view later on.”

Fransen then accused the First Minister of ‘flooding’ Scotland with people from outside the country as she fumed about immigration, labelling Sturgeon a ‘disgrace’. 

The SNP leader responded, saying: “You are a fascist. You are a racist, and the southside of Glasgow will reject you.”

Later on, Sturgeon took to Twitter to address the incident. 

She wrote: “Glasgow Southside is the most diverse and multicultural constituency in Scotland – one of the many things that makes it so brilliant. I am confident it will unite today to utterly reject these fascists.”

Many of her supporters praised her actions and said they were ‘proud’ of her.

Nicola Sturgeon addresses the incident on Twitter.
Nicola Sturgeon has addressed the incident on Twitter. Credit: @nicolasturgeon/Twitter

Fransen has since shared the same video to British Freedom Party and accused Sturgeon of ‘running away like a coward’. 

She continued: “Of course if you flood a constituency with foreigners and hardline republicans who absolutely hate Britain, hate the union, they are going to secure their votes.

“The unionist community are no longer unrepresented and we are coming for you.”

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