Nurse Explains Why You Should Always Keep Red Cloth In First Aid Kit

A nurse has explained as to why you should always keep a red cloth in a first aid kit.
Credit: CPR Kids via YouTube

A nurse has shared why you should keep a red cloth in your first aid kit. 

It is always good to have a first aid kit stored away somewhere.

Whether it is tucked away at home, in your handbag or even in your car, you never know when you’ll need to use it in an emergency.

While you would expect it to have the essentials – such as plasters, paracetamol and bandages – a nurse has shared that it should also include a red cloth.

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Paediatric nurse Sarah Hunstead is one of the people behind baby and child first aid education Instagram page CPR Kids.

In one post, they share that every first aid kit should have a red cloth as it will help hide the sight of blood for children so they don’t feel squeamish in a stressful situation.

Hunstead explains: “Why do we recommend keeping a red-face washer/cloth in your first aid kit?⁠

“It helps hide the sight of blood!⁠

“If you or your little one don’t like the sight of blood or if your little one completely freaks out at even a drop, these are a necessity. They can help with the fear and anxiety some little (and big) ones get from seeing blood, which helps to make dealing with nose bleeds or cuts easier.⁠

“If your little one has regular nose bleeds and can’t stand the sight of blood, stock up on a few!⁠”

Alternatively, if you can’t find a red cloth then you can also use dark colours like black or navy to hide any blood.

Many people have taken to the comments to praise this piece of helpful advice.

One writes: “So simple. So clever. Well done.”

Someone else pens: “Never thought of this. Good tip! I actually don’t think I’ve seen red washers in the shops – I’ll be on the lookout now.”

A third adds: “That’s actually really sweet. It can be tempting to have white because it’s easy to bleach but washcloths are so cheap online, you can just replace them when they’re stained.”

Another person comments: “Oh wow, my son has chronic ITP so we get regular nose bleeds and I had never thought of this! Amazing, thank you.”

A fifth person shares: “Other colours work too. Ours are dark grey and it does the same job!”

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Elsewhere on the page, they share other helpful tips that you should be aware of regarding your children.

Recently, they posted information regarding metal straws – which have become popular in recent years as paper straws have replaced plastic ones.

They explain that they have seen multiple instances of children who have suffered facial injuries while using them.

To help avoid these scenarios, Hunstead suggests: “Try to avoid the use of metal straws with little ones and teach them to sit when drinking, opt for safer alternatives such as soft/squishy straws and spouts (paper or silicone!), or regular cups where possible.”

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