Postmen Explain Why They Wear Shorts All Year Round No Matter The Weather

Postmen have explained why they wear shorts all year round, no matter the weather.
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Postmen have explained why they wear shorts all year round, no matter the weather.

Every day you’ll see your postman or postwoman showing up to deliver your mail.

It’s more than likely they’ll be wearing shorts, no matter how wet and miserable the weather is.

This has led to some people questioning why they don’t cover themselves up more.

And it turns out, there’s actually a very logical reason why.

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Eager to know the answer, one person has taken to Reddit to ask: “Why do you wear shorts all year round no matter the weather?”

They say they’re unsure on whether it’s simply a tradition in the mail industry, or if postmen do it for a laugh.

The question has now gone went viral and received a ton of responses.

It turns out postmen have a very logical reason for their skimpy attire.

One postie explains: “Current postie, it really is just because it gets hot doing the job.

“One round I cover I wear trousers just because of the wind (made the mistake once and had windburn all up my legs) but that particular village happens to be the highest point of the town and is a massive wind tunnel.

“All other rounds I’m in shorts pretty much all year.”

Postman in shorts.
Postmen have explained why they wear shorts all year round, no matter the weather. Credit: Alamy

Someone else comments: “My boyfriend is a postie, and whenever I ask him about the shorts, he says that he stays warm because he’s walking all day, and jeans are too uncomfortable to wear when you’re doing 30,000 steps a day.

“He does occasionally wear joggers, but that’s once in a blue moon.”

A third says: “It lets your legs breathe, even in cool temperatures it can get warm when walking so much.

“Plus when it rains your legs can dry faster than wet trousers legs can. I used to wear trousers in winter though some still braved it year-round.”

However, one postie insists that it is part of a competition between postmen and postwomen, as they want to see who can walk the furthest in shorts.

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They explain: “I worked many years ago for a few months as a postie.

“The depot had a running bet where everyone paid £1 a week into a pot, with the winner getting to give the entire fund to a charity of their choice.

“The competition was to see who could go furthest into the winter in shorts. As the snow kicked in during January it was down to two die-hards.

“Eventually as spring kicked in it was deemed a tie, the pot was split between the two, raising several hundred each.”

So there you have it, postmen and postwomen simply wear shorts simply so they don’t overheat.

Considering they walk an average of five and a half miles a day, it’s a fair enough reason to wear shorts all year round.

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