‘Red Notice’ Branded Netflix’s ‘Best Ever’ Original Film By Viewers

Credit: Netflix

Red Notice has been branded Netflix’s ‘best ever’ original film by viewers. 

The movie, which stars Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson, follows an Interpol agent attempting to track down one of the world’s most wanted art thieves.

Despite its action-themed plotline, the film has been praised for its hysterical one-liners and the chemistry between the actors is said to be fantastic.

Check out Dwayne Johnson promoting Red Notice in the clip below…

Over on Twitter, many people have shared exactly how much they love the film.

One person tweeted: “Red Notice is pretty good, 10/10 recommended. Well, I’m biased because it stars Ryan Reynolds.”

Another added: “Ohhh, I just finished Red Notice! I need a sequel.”

Red Notice was much better than I expected, 10/10,” a third commented.

Joining in, a fourth said: “Red Notice is sooooo good.”

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Red Notice
Red Notice has been branded Netflix’s ‘best ever’ original film by viewers. Credit: Netflix

Apparently, the film has become so popular it’s made Netflix history, having the streaming platform’s record for ‘biggest opening weekend of all time’.

A ‘grateful’ Dwayne Johnson took to social media and announced the news to his followers.

On Instagram, he said: “We are shattering records and raising the bar.

“I’m so grateful (and humbled) to you and your families around the world for this insane reaction of loving Red Notice.”

Gal Gadot pitched in, tweeting: “This is amazing!!!! What can I say, you guys are the best and the reason why we make these films. So grateful and excited!!! Congratulations @Netflix and to the entire #RedNoticeMovie team @TheRock @VancityReynolds.”

Ryan Reynold also joined in the celebrations, adding: “WOW #RedNotice is @Netflix biggest ever opening day for a film. Congrats to this whole team!”

Red Notice is now available to stream on Netflix.

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