‘I Refuse To Date Ugly Women – I Don’t Care If I’m Single Forever’

A man says he refuses to date 'ugly women', even if means he'll be single forever.
Credit: @boerboelblade2/TikTok

A man says he refuses to date ‘ugly women’, even if it means he’ll be single forever.

Kevin, 42, from Scotland, has taken to TikTok to talk about his dating life.

He often uses his social media page to share clips of his dog or videos of him on the punching bag with his 22,000 followers.

However, a recent statement he made is going viral.

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Speaking to The Sun, he admits that he will refuse to date ‘ugly women’ and has accepted that this could mean he will be single forever.

He says: “I’m not into ugly women.

“I’m not saying I’m Brad Pitt but I know I can pull reasonable women.”

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He goes on to say that his high standards have meant it’s harder to meet someone and that the competition for more ‘beautiful’ women makes things harder.

The machinist has been in long-term relationships before and even met someone recently on TikTok.

However, that fling died down after a month.

Kevin also admits that he gave up drinking as a way to stop himself from meeting people at the pub.

Machinist Kevin
Machinist Kevin says he refuses to date ‘ugly women’, even if means he’ll be single forever. Credit: @boerboelblade2/TikTok

He also shares how he has used dating apps, but had mixed results – with Tinder being a flop, but finding some success on Plenty of Fish.

He complains that ‘the majority’ of women he messages don’t get back to him, and those that do aren’t ‘that good looking’.

Kevin also says that he’s lowered his standards in the past but he’ll ‘not be doing it again’.

Kevin also tells The Sun that his ideal woman is attractive and busty with long hair, as he does not like women with their hair up.

He says that people often ask him why he’s single but despite him being ‘decent looking’ and on ‘decent money’, he says he refuses to settle, describing his solo life as a ‘lifestyle choice’.

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His TikToks have caused controversy in the past, with one particular video receiving a fair bit of backlash after he uploaded a five-minute clip where he discussed his ‘icks’.

This included not liking women who are ‘too vocal’ in the bedroom and women who do not meet his standards.

People took to the comments to hit back at Kevin, with one person saying: “Jesus who’s getting in his bed?”

Someone else adds: “This is actually funny. Good luck with finding your perfect woman.”

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