Rekorderlig Releases Pink Lemon Cider

Rekorderlig has released a pink lemon edition of its cider and it looks super refreshing. 

The new Rekorderlig flavour is now available for £7.99 in Morrisons, in-store and online.

It costs just £7.99 for four 500ml bottles – so it might be worth stocking up on. 

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Credit: Rekorderlig

On the website, the drink’s description says: “Rekorderlig Pink Lemon Cider is a refreshingly light and zesty fruit cider with a hint of raspberry, reminiscent of a homemade Pink Lemonade.”

According to a spokesperson, the beverage is best served cold over ice, along with a squeeze of lemon and a handful of raspberries on top.

When news of the pink lemon cider flavour was confirmed, fans were left buzzing over the launch.

One wrote: “This looks good. I’ll have to try some.”

Tagging a friend, another commented: “Ooh we need to keep a lookout for this.”

“This sounds like summer in a bottle,” a third enthused.

What does pink lemon taste like?

Pink lemons are typically grown in southern California, as they grow better in warmer climates.

Although they may look like their yellow substitutes, pink lemons become less acidic as they age. As a result, they taste much sweeter making them ideal for the new cider flavour.

Credit: Rekorderlig

What Rekorderlig cider flavours are there?

Rekorderlig currently has 7 flavours available, including; Spiced Hard Apple, Pear, Wild Berries, Strawberry & Lime, Mango & Raspberry, Passionfruit and Hård Äpple. 

Blended with fruit and water, the Swedish cider brand’s beverage range is also gluten-free and lightly carbonated.

Plus, the hard ciders are officially vegan-friendly, as the brand has confirmed it no longer uses gelatin in its brewing process. 

Credit: Rekorderlig

Where can I buy Rekorderlig cider?

Pink lemon Rekorderlig is available at Morrisons and the full range of fruit ciders can be ordered on REVL. For £11, the 330ml Rekorderlig cans come in packs of 10.

What alcohol percentage does Rekorderlig have?

The Swedish cider range contains 2.3 units of alcohol per pint. The Strawberry & Lime flavour is equal to 4%.

How many calories are in a bottle of Rekorderlig cider?

On average, there are 330 calories in a bottle of Rekorderlig cider, reports Drink Well UK.

Featured Image Credit: Rekorderlig

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