Salt Bae Shares Staggering $108,000 Bill From His Restaurant And It’s Left People Speechless

Salt Bae has been widely criticised online after sharing a bill from one of his restaurants. 
Credit: Alamy & @nusr_et/Instagram

Salt Bae has been widely criticised online after sharing a bill from one of his restaurants. 

The Turkish chef, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, became a viral sensation when videos of him flamboyantly salting his food took the internet by storm.

Since then, Salt Bae has used his fame to make some serious money, with Bon Appetit confirming he has 22 steakhouses located all over the world, with sites in New York, Saudi Arabia, and London.

And let’s just say that dining at these restaurants does not come cheap.

He’s previously been critiqued for the astronomical prices of his food, and this week, a receipt for a $108,000 (£85,000) bill has left the internet disgusted.

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The food at Salt Bae’s restaurants is known for being pretty ostentatious.

He’s known for his tomahawk steaks that are wrapped in gold leaf, which retail for around $1,400 (£1,100).

But Salt Bae has confirmed he came from humble beginnings.

“I woke up at 6 o’clock, two hours on the train commute and 30 minutes after the train on the bus. Then all day long, standing and working. No day off and no vacation,” the butcher told The Times in 2019.

This is what makes his move towards extreme pricing even more surprising!

And one enormous bill from a restaurant punter in Salt Bae’s Dubai location, Nusr-Et, takes expensive food to the next level…

Salt Bae
Salt Bae has shared a diner’s staggering bill on his Instagram and it’s sparked a debate. Credit: @nusr_et/Instagram

The bill was shared directly by Salt Bae on Instagram, leaving the internet horrified.

Alongside three of the $1,400 (£1,100) steaks, the receipt also documents a $76 (£60) beef carpaccio and a portion of fries that cost over $13 (£10).

Salt seasoning – which is usually a restaurant freebie – costs diners over $38 (£30) per person.

But it wasn’t really the food that caused the enormous cost.

The guests also spent £56,000 on cocktails and drinks, leaving a generous $24,000 (£19,000) tip.

So you can really see how it’s relatively easy to rack up an enormous bill!


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Salt Bae himself captioned the photo: “Money comes, money goes.”

However, the vast majority of commenters have been left disgusted by this vulgar display of wealth and wastefulness…

One horrified commenter writes: “In my opinion the service there doesn’t not deserve a 90k tips.”

Another agrees: “Shameful as millions of people suffer from hunger.”

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While a third points out: “That would feed at least 100,000 children in hunger around the world! How embarrassing!”

“Imagine being this wealthy… and then blowing it on overpriced food,” a fourth jokes.

A fifth agrees: “Most overrated and overpriced restaurant.”

However, one Salt Bae fan has stood up for the restaurant.

They opine: “So many people talking about the poor… look I can tell you this. We work for ourselves our family our table yes… it’s not up to us to feed the world. I have fed the homeless I have fed the poor with my own dollars but for how long can you do this? It’s not up to me to support the poor. This is a government issue, the government not looking after their own kind.

“So for me, if I want to buy a 1k meal I will because I worked for me. Doesn’t change what I have done and continue to do for others but choose not to advertise my donations. Heading to this restaurant tonight!”

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