Scarlett Moffatt Discovers Real Meaning Behind ‘Percentage Of Rain’ On Weather App

Scarlett Moffatt has just discovered that when it says ’30 per cent rain’ on the weather app, it does not mean that’s the chance it will. And her mind is blown. 

The former Gogglebox star took to TikTok to share her findings and it looks like nobody else knew either.

The 30-year-old believes this information is something that schools ‘should teach you how to read,’ as it’s a part of everyday life.

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Credit: TikTok/@scarlettmoffatt

She captioned the post: “They should teach you how to read weather apps in school and that.”

The television personality then told her 571,000 TikTok followers: “So all this time that I’ve like been caught in the rain and people are like, ‘Why haven’t you brought a jacket?’ and stuff like that…

“It’s because I’ve just found out that on the weather app when it says ’30 per cent rain,’ I thought that meant ’30 per cent chance of rain’.

“It doesn’t mean that, it means that 30 per cent of your area will be covered in rain.”

@scarlettmoffattThey should teach you how to read weather apps in school and that ? ? ##weather ##fyp ##fact ##foryoupage♬ original sound – Scarlett Moffatt

After watching the clip, one person responded: “Oh!!!!! My mind is blown. Is this really true? Always thought it meant chance of.”

While a second added: “I was today years old when I learnt this.”

Trying to clear the situation up, another joined in and unintentionally made everyone more muddled than before.

They wrote: “She thought it meant 30% chance rain so 70% chance no rain but really it means 100% chance that it will rain in 30% of your area. Hope that makes sense.”

This is why I have trust issues.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@scarlettmoffatt

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Written by Aimee Walker

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