‘Creepy’ Video Of P Diddy With Teenage Justin Bieber Is Leaving People Uncomfortable

A 'creepy' video of Sean 'Diddy' Combs and 15-year-old Justin Bieber has left the internet feeling uncomfortable.
Credit: Justin Bieber via YouTube

A ‘creepy’ video of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and 15-year-old Justin Bieber has left the internet feeling uncomfortable.

This week, authorities led a raid on Combs’ homes in Florida and Los Angeles.

The raids are tied to s**-trafficking allegations levelled by different plaintiffs in recent months, the Associated Press reports.

But now, a video of Diddy interacting with a teenage Bieber has taken on a dark new meaning…

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Combs, formerly also known as Puff Daddy, is the founder of Bad Boy Records and a three-time Grammy winner.

He’s well known for big hits like ‘I’ll Be Missing You’, ‘Victory’, ‘Show Me Your Soul’ and ‘I Need a Girl (Part One)’.

But in more recent months, Diddy has been at the centre of several legal battles, with lawsuits accusing him of s**ual assault and trafficking.

Following the raids on his homes earlier this week, rumours have abounded that there is FBI involvement, but at the time of writing, authorities have not yet confirmed that Diddy has been arrested.

This week, authorities led a raid on Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ homes in Florida and Los Angeles. Credit: Alamy

“Earlier today, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) New York executed law enforcement actions as part of an ongoing investigation, with assistance from HSI Los Angeles, HSI Miami, and our local law enforcement partners,” HSI confirms to Newsweek.

And this isn’t Diddy’s first brush with the law.

In 1999, Diddy and his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, now 54, were arrested on weapons and bribery charges.

Diddy was also charged with assault with a deadly weapon in 2015 after he allegedly swung a kettlebell at an assistant UCLA football coach.

But most relevant to the current legal troubles facing the rapper is his ex-girlfriend Casandra Ventura’s accusations of abuse and r***, which came out late last year.

“Over the years that Mr Combs abused Ms Ventura physically and s**ually, she, again and again, tried to escape his tight hold over her life,” the lawsuit stated.

“Every time she hid, Mr Combs’s vast network of corporations and affiliated entities found her, and those who worked for Mr Combs’s companies implored her to return to him.”

The rapper has been in legal trouble in the past. Credit: Alamy

And according to a filing obtained by Rolling Stone in November, further women then came out with similar allegations.

“Jane Doe was offered more drinks and was coerced into having s** with Combs,” the court documents claimed.

But in a statement to Page Six, a spokesperson for Diddy said: “This is nothing but a money grab.

“Because of Mr Combs’ fame and success, he is an easy target for anonymous accusers who lie without conscience or consequence for financial benefit… The public should be sceptical and not rush to accept these bogus allegations.”

Diddy has since been sued by former employee Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones, who again accused the rapper of s**ual assault while working on Diddy’s 2023 album ‘The Love Album: Off the Grid’.

Following these legal problems, culminating in this week’s home raids, a new video of Diddy interacting with Justin Bieber has left the internet feeling nauseated.

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In light of recent allegations against Diddy, some believe a resurfaced video of him with a then-15-year-old Justin Bieber doesn’t look so good.

One viewer writes: “That’s just every level of creepy.”

Another comments: “That video makes my skin crawl.”

Somebody else adds: “It was creepy BEFORE even the raid…”

Diddy Justin Bieber
The resurfaced video is making some people feel uncomfortable. Credit: Justin Bieber via YouTube

Others, however, pointed out that the video and the allegations made against the rapper may not be connected at all, saying: “Sure this is a little weird, but I don’t think it suggests anything sinister. Not saying he’s done nothing wrong but we shouldn’t make assumptions.”

“Come on, they worked together. Bieber was probably in on the joke,” adds another.

In the clip, Diddy says of Bieber: “He’s having forty-eight hours with Diddy, where we hanging out and what we’re doing we can’t really disclose, but it’s definitely a 15-year-old’s dream.”

He continues: “I have been given custody of him. He’s signed to Usher and I had legal guardianship of Usher when he did his first album.

“I don’t have legal guardianship of him [Bieber] but for the next forty-eight hours he’s with me and we’re gonna go full crazy.”

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