‘Stranger Things’ Fans Want Metallica ‘Cancelled’

Stranger Things fans are attempting to 'cancel' Metallica after learning about the band's previous controversies.
Credit: Netflix via YouTube & Alamy

Stranger Things fans are attempting to ‘cancel’ Metallica after learning about the band’s past controversies.

The historic rock group has had a recent popularity boost thanks to the hit Netflix show after their song, ‘Master Of Puppets,’ was used in one of the scenes.

However, a small group of fans are trying to ‘cancel’ Metallica after learning about what the band got up to during the height of their popularity.

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On TikTok, Serena Trueblood posted a video explaining that the band allegedly promotes ‘Neo-Nazi’ symbols.

She discussed how they have a ‘history of racism,’ and provided old footage of them making ‘racist gestures’.

Despite the evidence put forward, most people have come to the band’s defence, with one fan writing: “Nothing on Twitter recently has been as funny as Metallica getting cancelled by TikTok.”

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Another person wrote: “The whole Metallica getting cancelled by TikTok kids thing is so funny.”

One fan commented: I’m sure the guys of Metallica are just shaking in their boots about being cancelled by a bunch of kids that only discovered who they are last month and their discovery of the bad s*** the band has done but has been public knowledge for decades, which they have learned from.”

Someone else posted: “Best joke of the year, people under 20 years old thinking they can get Metallica cancelled.”

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The song was used in the season finale of Stranger Things Season 4 when Eddie Munson plays the Metallica track to distract the monsters from attacking his friends.

Since this scene, the song has re-entered the UK’s Top 40 charts and even reached number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in America.

Joseph Quinn, who played Eddie Munson in the hit Netflix series, got to meet Metallica recently, where he apparently got gifted a guitar from the group.

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