Surgeon Warns Against ‘Deadly’ Brazilian Butt Lifts

A surgeon is warning people against having 'deadly' Brazilian butt lifts as its popularity continues to rise. 
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A surgeon is warning people against having ‘deadly’ Brazilian butt lifts.

Brazilian butt lifts – otherwise known as a BBL – involves moving unwanted fat from one part of the body to another.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Dr Riccardo Frati, of Frati Cosmetic Surgery, said people are ignoring the ‘complications’ around the procedure due to social media ‘destigmatising’ it.

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He said: “BBL is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedure in the world! They are particularly popular among Gen Z and Millennials, and I think this is mainly due to social media.

“I think it’s just a reflection of trends and popular culture.

“Traditionally, buttocks augmentation used to be done with silicone implants but nowadays BBLs achieve a rounder, more curvaceous buttocks.”

He continued: “One of the most attractive qualities of a BBL procedure is that it involves moving ‘unwanted’ fat from one part of the body and placing it into/under the (skin of) buttocks.

“Another reason is the increase in conversations surrounding cosmetic surgery which has led to a general destigmatisation of such procedures.”

Dr Frati then told the publication that many people who are interested in the procedure are unaware of its ‘high mortality rate’.

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Nicki Minaj
The surgeon believes people are having Brazilian butt lifts to look like influencers and celebrities. Credit: @nickiminaj/Instagram

Currently, the operation is banned in the UK. However, many men and women are flying out to countries such as Turkey to invest in a bigger behind.

Typically, it costs around £8,000.

“In the UK the procedure has been banned by the BAAPS due to high mortality rates,” Dr Frati said. “But, many people travel to other countries procedure too where it is often carried out by inadequately qualified surgeons working in facilities that aren’t suited for surgery, especially one as complex as this.”

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