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Cleaner Leaves People Gobsmacked After Sharing How Much She Makes In Two Days

A topless cleaner has left people gobsmacked after sharing how much she makes in two days.
Credit: @sincerest__sammi/TikTok

A cleaner has left people gobsmacked after sharing how much money she makes in two days.

There are many ways to stand out in your job and rise up the ranks.

The obvious way is to just do your job well and the hard work will eventually pay off.

But others try methods like getting close to the boss or constantly pitching new ideas.

However, one cleaner has a unique way of earning huge sums of money.

Find out more about the t**less cleaner below…

Sammi, from Florida, earns around $3,000 (£2,417) per day cleaning houses.

But what makes her service so good?

Does she scrub everything so thoroughly that you can see your own reflection off it?

No… she cleans topless.

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The 22-year-old talks about her job on TikTok and has explained to her followers that she only does surface cleaning, as she doesn’t do anything that will take ‘more than an hour’.

For one hour of topless cleaning, she charges $300 (£253.61) on top of any tips.

She doesn’t clean completely nude as it’s only the top half of her body that is exposed.

Sammi does add that while it’s not a requirement to tip her, a lot of her clients do anyway.

In one video, she explains: “So many of you want to know how much I make in a day as a topless maid.

“Today I cleaned five houses and I charge $300 an hour. And I have a security guy who sits out in the car and waits for me just in case something happens.

“Second house, $300 (£253.61) and they gave me a $120 (£101.42).”

Sammi the cleaner.
Sammi cleans houses topless and earns around $3000 a day. Credit: @sincerely__sammi/Instagram

The cleaner adds that the third and fourth houses she visited gave her tips worth $150 (£126.79) and $110 (£92.94).

Although, the fifth house was so pleased with the work that they gave her a $200 (£169.03) tip.

So in only five hours of labour, the housekeeper took home a total of $2,230 (£1,884.66).

She also always gives her security guard 35 per cent of her earnings, which is roughly $800 (£676.06) for that one day.

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If something goes wrong or one of her clients doesn’t understand the boundaries, Sammi wears an SOS watch to alert her driver – who is waiting outside in the car while she is working.

In another video, she says: “Basically it’s what it sounds like, it’s a watch and you press a button and it immediately alerts him, it also keeps time.”

Sammi has ‘thankfully’ only ever had to use the watch once – which is when a man was getting ‘handsy’ with her, despite her strictly offering a ‘no touch’ service.


I will make a vidoe about some of my better experiences in this business, because believe it or not there have been a lot of great people I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet 🙂 #fyp #entertainer #entrepreneur

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The housekeeper also gave a surprising answer when revealing who her main clientele are.

You’d expect single men or women, but it is actually swinger couples.

She said she loves her job as she gets ‘introduced to different people on the daily’ and likes learning about people’s lives.

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