Brutal Horror Movie Dubbed ‘Next Blair Witch’ Is So Disturbing Viewers Are Leaving Cinema To Throw Up

The Outwaters Movie: The film is being dubbed the 'next Blair Witch' as fans are leaving the cinema to throw up.
Credit: Cinedigm Corp

A brutal horror movie dubbed the ‘next Blair Witch‘ is so disturbing that fans are leaving the cinema to throw up.

The Blair Witch Project was branded ‘the scariest film‘ that viewers had ever seen when it was released in 1999.

The movie popularised the ‘found footage’ genre in horror – with many attempting to capture its magic years later.

Now there is a new film that is being compared to the cult classic – and it’s been called ‘the most disturbing movie of the year’.

Watch the trailer for the disturbing film below…

The Outwaters is a horror film that follows four friends as they travel to the desert to make a music video.

However, while they are out there, they start experiencing some weird vibrations and encounter strange animal behaviour.

The found footage movie is directed by newcomer Robbie Banfitch and is being compared to The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield due to its unique style.

The film bagged a score of 70% on Rotten Tomatoes after its release.

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One critic at Nightmarish Conjurings describes The Outwaters as a ‘rare gift in horror’ and claims it is ‘something [viewers] haven’t seen before’.

iHORROR calls the film ‘the most disturbing movie of the year’.

While says that the movie takes the audience on a ‘twisted journey’ and it ‘takes no prisoners’.

Viewers who have seen the film have reacted to it online.

One person says:The Outwaters is the first film to give me nightmares since childhood.

“I love when a film connects with me in a special way, knowing others could interpret it differently.”

The Outwaters
The Outwaters is leaving viewers physically sick. Credit: Cinedigm Corp

Another writes: “I’m still processing The Outwaters.

“[It] made me so uncomfortably dizzy that I had to leave the theatre to vomit. This never happened to me before.”

A third person pens: “Watching The Outwaters and I’ve never been so distraught to find there’s still 45 minutes to go (the film is really great but it’s a f***ing nightmare and it’s giving me a stomach ache).”

Someone else explains: “Wow… [The Outwaters] left me stunned to the point that my Apple Watch heart monitor kept going off for [a] high heart rate. This film is a mind trip and downward spiral into hell.

“Another big win for horror.”

While a fifth viewer comments: “I was blown away by The Outwaters! It’s scary, it’s unique.

“People need to see this film now!”

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The Outwaters is currently available to watch through the streaming service Screambox in the US – which can be included as part of your Amazon prime subscription.

Alternatively, you can purchase the movie on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Google Play.

The excitement for The Outwaters will continue to build for UK audiences who are still waiting for the film to cross the Atlantic.
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