Woman Mocked For Asking Time Blindness Question In Job Interview

A woman claims she was mocked for asking about time blindness in a job interview.
Credit: @chaotic_philosopher/TikTok

A woman claims she was mocked for asking about time blindness in a job interview.

According to the NHS, both children and adults who are diagnosed with ADHD often struggle with ‘organisation and time management’ – meaning that they lose track of time or have difficulty understanding how much time has passed.

This can be known as time blindness.

Now someone has shared how it has affected them during a job interview.

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In a video posted by Sarah Trefren – known as @chaotic_philosopher – on TikTok, which has been viewed 6.1 million times, the woman shared with her followers her experience at a recent job interview.

In an emotional post, she says: “I just got yelled at for asking a very reasonable question.

“I am applying to go somewhere and I just wanted to know if are there accommodations for people who struggle with time blindness and being on time, you know.

“And then the person that I was with interrupted and acted like I was asking something else and then when we were done they actually started yelling at me and saying accommodations for time blindness don’t exist and if you struggle being on time you will never be able to get a job.

“You know, provided you are trying your absolute best to be there.

“And then they’re like, your stupid generation wants to destroy the workplace.”

Trefan then argues that the employment culture that treats people with disrespect ‘needs to be dismantled’.

@chaotic_philosopher I’m tired of workers’ rights not being prioritized in this country. And we’re entitled for suggesting it should be different… I don’t think so. #workersrights #employeerights #workers #capitalismsucks #capitalism #thesystemisbroken #fyp ♬ original sound – ♻️🌎Chaotic Philosopher♾️🇺🇸

People have taken to the comments to react to Trefan’s claims.

One person writes: “I struggle with waking in the morning. Heavy sleeper. I will literally do complex math problems without waking up to turn the alarm off.”

Another viewer adds: “It’s okay to struggle honey. Let’s be strategic and keep our cards close next interview. You got this.”

While a third says: ‘I’m screaming because as someone who also struggles with time blindness… this is WILD.”

“You hit the nail on the head with this one. My disappointment in society can’t be described,” comments someone else.

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However, others have questioned the TikToker’s story.

“I totally understand struggling with time if you have ADHD however you need to accommodate to your employer. Learning to manage yourself is possible,” writes one viewer.

A second person says: “Trying your absolute best, would NOT be asking them to make accommodations for something you haven’t figured out how to handle on your end first!”

“Everyone else would have to stay later/work harder just because you can’t be on time it’s not fair to other people,” another added.

Someone else explains: “As somebody who is also ADHD and autism I simply wake up earlier and leave earlier. it wasn’t right for them to yell at you but.. they’re right.”

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Written by Rosario Monachino

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