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Manager Filmed Refusing To Let Table Leave Without Tipping Their Waitress And People Are Divided

A TikTok of a manager refusing to let customers leave without tipping their waitress has sparked a fierce debate...
Credit @gladys_nicole/TikTok

A manager who refused to let a table leave without tipping their waitress has sparked a fierce debate online.

The debate is one of the most contentious issues on the internet today.

Some people believe you need to provide your service workers with a tip every single time you make an order, no matter how well you believe you’ve been treated.

Others strongly believe that tips should be reserved for exceptional service and that it’s the job of an employer to ensure their workers are making enough cash.

But recently, one manager has gone viral and divided the internet after refusing to allow a table of customers to leave without tipping their waitress…

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User @gladys_nicole shared a video on her TikTok page that sparked a huge debate, with strong proponents on either side of the issue.

The OP was praising the manager of the restaurant for ensuring the waitress got her fair tip.

She claims the three patrons had been at the restaurant for many hours, ordering multiple rounds of drinks.

But when the men tried to leave, the manager tracked them down to ask them for the tip he believed was owed to the waitress.

And people have had a lot to say in the comments…

Manager refusing to let customers leave without leaving a tip.
A manager was filmed refusing to let a table of diners leave without tipping their waitress. Credit @gladys_nicole/TikTok

Some believe the responsibility of making sure the waitress gets fair pay lies solely with the company itself.

One writes: “Oh you mean the money HE and HIS COMPANY should be paying her?? Tipping culture is ridiculous. Properly pay waiters and waitresses already.”

“When you don’t tip your servers or bartenders they are quite literally paying out of their own pocket for you to come out and have a good time. Come on. Be better people,” a second person agrees.

“What’s really going on, Manager POV: ‘We do not and will not give them a raise so that is where customers come in so I need you to do your part now’,” a third laughs.

While a fourth proposes: “I would have left and disputed the whole charge with the credit card company and the restaurant can get $0 too.”

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However, others are on the manager’s side.

One writes: “I love how people will be willing to pay 30% more for food rather than tip a server 20%.”

Another adds: “At this point restaurants should just add the 15 to 25% service charge. then it’s done, it’s not a tip at that point, it’s the charge for service just like a delivery fee.”

“I give tips because as a customer being served, it’s my way of showing appreciation and making any servers feel proud of their job. I feel good too! Spread love and kindness people!” somebody else pens.

@gladys_nicole A group of men not tipping the waitrss after HOURS of beer and pool table time. Restaurant manager MADE SURE she was paid! 🤑 #awesome #superbosses #server #serverproblems #serverlife #servertiktok #resturantlife #Dallas ♬ Little Life – Cordelia

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