Drivers Don’t Understand What ‘No Return Within One Hour’ Road Sign Actually Means

Most drivers don't understand what the 'No Return Within One Hour' road sign actually means.
Credit: @theorytestpractice/TikTok & Alamy

It turns out that most drivers don’t properly understand what the ‘No Return Within One Hour’ road sign actually means…

Any driver will tell you that finding parking can be incredibly stressful.

There’s nothing worse than returning to your car and finding a yellow ticket of doom, complete with a massive parking fine.

But it turns out, many drivers have been misreading a common parking sign for their whole lives.

Do you know what the ‘No Return Within One Hour’ road sign means?

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It turns out that misreading road signs can be a fairly common experience.

There’s one sign that ‘99% of people’ don’t understand properly.

The white circle with a black line is the sign for the national speed limit, but that doesn’t mean one speed in particular.

According to the RAC: “A white circular sign with a single black diagonal stripe through it tells you that the national speed limit applies on the upcoming stretch of road.

“It supersedes any previous speed limit signs you may have had to adhere to, such as passing through temporary roadworks.”

The RAC also warns: “Of course, even when the national speed limit applies, it might not always be safe to drive at that speed, so use your common sense on this.”

But now, it’s a brand new road sign that’s causing havoc online.

The ‘No Return Within One Hour’ road sign has gone viral, and it’s been confirmed that most drivers don’t even know what it means…

Did you know the meaning of the ‘No Return Within One Hour’ sign? Credit: @theorytestpractice/TikTok

Annie, who posts car-related content on her TikTok account @theorytestpractice, shared a video explaining the misunderstood sign.

And it turns out, she was right to correct the driving public, as many viewers confirmed they had never known what the ‘No Return Within One Hour’ road sign meant before…

One person says: “I literally have read these signs my whole life and only just realised I didn’t understand the last line until you said it.”

Another comments: “I always thought it meant you couldn’t leave for one hour after parking.”

While a third writes: “I always thought no return within one hour meant you’re not allowed to come back to the car for at least an hour.”

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In a clip, Annie says: “I’ve been asked to explain signs like this one. This sign says that between Monday and Saturday, you can park between 8am and 6pm, but only for one hour.

“No return within one hour – that simply means you’re not allowed to drive out of your parking space, drive around the block, and go straight back into that parking space. Well, not for an hour anyway.”

She adds: “At other times you can park for as long as you want to.”

@theorytestpractice At other times you can park for as long as you want to #roadsigns #fyp #theorytestpractice #drivingtheory ♬ original sound – Annie Winterburn

Did you know the meaning of the ‘No Return Within One Hour’ sign?

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