Video Showing What Speaking English Sounds Like To Foreigners Is Messing With People’s Heads

A video showing what English speakers sound like to foreigners has left people saying it's messing with their heads. 
Credit: @languagesimp/TikTok

A video showing what English speakers sound like to foreigners has left people saying it’s messing with their heads. 

A TikTok user, who goes by the username @languagesimp, has gone viral after sharing a clip of himself demonstrating how the English language may sound to those who are unfamiliar with it.

He captioned the post: “Ever wondered what it’s like to not understand English?”

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Regardless of your proficiency in English, the video uploaded by the TikTok creator will likely sound like incomprehensible gibberish – simply because it is.

If someone were to approach you and repeat the words spoken by the video creator, it would be difficult to understand and you would likely be convinced that they were speaking an entirely different language.

You might catch a few familiar words like ‘water’, but for the most part, you would be utterly perplexed.

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This video serves as an excellent illustration of how English may sound to individuals who are not fluent in the language, however, it has been quick to baffle even those who speak fluent English.

In his clip, the TikToker – who speaks several languages himself – comes out with words that kind of sound like English, but aren’t, creating an unusual effect for those of us who do speak the language.

It’s left many people taking to the comments and comparing it to Simlish, which is a language spoken in the beloved video game franchise, The Sims.

The TikToker’s video showing what English speakers sound like to foreigners has left people saying it’s messing with their heads. Credit: @languagesimp/TikTok

After watching the video, one fan writes: “I felt like I should understand what he was saying.”

“You are telling me people hear me talking like a Sim?” another adds.

A third person remarks: “I feel like I understand what he’s saying, but I also don’t.”


Ever wondered what it’s like to not understand English? #english #languages #language #linguistics #USA #polyglot

♬ original sound – Language Simp

Even individuals who are accustomed to the English language often acknowledge its complexity, with words that share spellings but lack rhymes, and an abundance of silent letters.

Many also find it difficult to understand the sheer amount of accents that come from the United Kingdom, with various phrases coming from each location.

However, if peculiar linguistic information piques your interest, you might also find it intriguing to learn that the English language could become even more complex in the future.

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According to a 2022 study, the majority of British individuals may adopt a dialect known as Multicultural London English (MLE), characterised by terms like ‘peng’, wagwan’, and ‘bare’, over the course of the next century.

As these words potentially become more prevalent, non-English speakers are likely to continue perceiving our language as peculiar and unconventional.

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