What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Belly Button

Belly Button
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Have you ever wondered what happens when you don’t wash your belly button? Well, now we know.

The human body has a knack for producing some rather unpleasant substances, and yet, there’s an odd intrigue surrounding things that toe the line between gross and intriguing.

Dr Karan Raj has managed to strike that peculiar balance in his videos, delving into the bizarre yet fascinating aspects of our bodies.

From explaining the appeal of using Q-tips in your ear – though he advises against it – to demonstrating how fluids can be drained from the abdomen, his TikTok videos cover a range of curiosities.

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In his latest video, Dr Raj sheds light on the consequences of neglecting a commonly overlooked bodily crevice – the belly button.

This humble little indentation, often forgotten during our hygiene routines, can become a breeding ground for an array of undesirable substances.

He explains: “All flesh holes can build up with sweat, dead skin cells, oils, clothing fabric, bacteria and forbidden cheese.”

As Dr Raj notes, most of the time, keeping your belly button clean will prevent any issues.

However, if left unchecked, an accumulation of this gunk can lead to something rather astonishing – a belly button stone, scientifically known as an omphalolith.

Dr Raj warns: “If not washed out on a regular basis, this material can accumulate and harden into an omphalolith – a belly button stone.

“Belly button stones come in a wide array of colours, it’s usually black but can be a light brown.”

Dr Karan Raj on TikTok.
Dr Karan Raj has explained what happens when you don’t clean your belly button. Credit: @dr.karanr/TikTok

And that’s how things can escalate if proper care isn’t taken.

Maintaining hygiene around the belly button becomes even more crucial for those with piercings in that area.

An improperly cleaned piercing can easily lead to infections, which can turn quite nasty if not addressed promptly.

Dr Raj suggests using a saline solution specifically designed for cleaning wounds to keep piercings infection-free.

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For those without piercings, simple soap and water should suffice to keep the belly button clean and comfortable.

However, if things take a turn for the worse down there, consulting a medical professional is always a prudent step.

It’s yet another reminder that our bodies, while incredible and often mysterious, require regular attention and care to keep them functioning smoothly.

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So, if you’re ever tempted to ignore your belly button’s hygiene needs, remember that even the smallest parts of our bodies can harbour surprises.

And while belly button stones might sound like something of a tall tale, they’re a very real reminder that maintenance matters, even in the most unexpected of places.

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