Woman Who Married Ghost Explains Why She’s Getting Divorced

A woman who married a ghost and now explained why she is getting a divorce.
Credit: @brocarde/Instagram

A woman who married a ghost has explained why she’s now getting a divorce.

British singer-songwriter Rocker Brocarde, 38, married Edwardo – a ghost from the Victorian era – after dating for five months.

They tied the know in Halloween 2022 – which was an open invite to the living and dead.

Apparently, those in attendance included Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Henry VIII, according to the Daily Star.

Check out this security footage of a ‘ghost’ train below…

The couple even went on a romantic honeymoon to Barry Island in Wales.

However, it seems their marriage has come to an end.

She turned to an exorcist to divorce her husband after being in a marriage from hell – after only being married for five months.

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Edwardo’s exorcism took place in The Asylum Chapel in London – which is where the couple originally tied the knot.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Brocarde recalls her experience of divorcing her undead husband – describing the ceremony as ‘harrowing’ and ‘unearthly’.

She explains: “I lost control of every limb and it was as if I was under third-party control.

“It was earth-shattering.

“Every part of my body was shaking, I was convulsing, sweating and feeling lightheaded.

“It felt like I was trying to vomit out the devil.”

Brocarde has divorced her ghost husband Edwardo after a marriage from hell. Credit: @brocarde/Instagram

The singer described her marriage to Edwardo as ‘heavy’ and it felt like she was ‘dragging a dead body up a hill’.

She continues: “The energy of being married to him was overwhelming at times. It broke my spirit and now I feel lighter.

“I underestimated how powerful his presence was going to be and I feel like I approached the wedding with hope and naivety.”

The pair apparently have had troubles since their wedding night – when Edwardo called Monroe ‘hot’ during their ceremony.


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Despite their honeymoon getting off to a romantic start – as they wrestled with one another on the beach – Edwardo took it too far.

This led to Brocardo having a cone of ice cream shoved in her face and the sand getting stuck to her hair.

“I looked like I’d had a fight with a giant seagull,” the singer claims.

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Now that she has cut ties with her Victorian husband, Brocarde is on the hunt for a human relationship who she can settle down with.

However, she is not in a rush to find love.

“I’m full of joy, reborn, excited by life and just dying to laugh and have fun and feel free,” she adds.

Now her divorce has been finalised, Brocarde is going back to her true love – making music.

Her most recent single ‘Another Anthem’ is now available to stream – which is apparently inspired by her traumatic marriage.

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