Woman Sparks Debate After Saying She Won’t Leave Her Daughter Alone With Male Relatives

A woman has sparked a heated debate after saying she won't leave her daughter alone with male family members.
Credit: @theorganicmami/TikTok

A woman has sparked a heated debate after saying she won’t leave her daughter alone with male relatives. 

When it comes to other people’s parental choices, it seems as though everyone has an opinion.

And now, one woman has sparked a particularly fierce online debate – she insists she’ll never leave her daughter alone with male relatives.

While many have taken to the comments and shared their support, others aren’t so sure…

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Aubrey, who goes by the username @theorganicmami on TikTok, began the discussion by sharing a ‘Get Ready With Me’ (GRWM) video on the platform.

The mum-of-two outlined her views on raising her daughter, with one of her rules being no sleepovers.

She’s received a ton of support with this particular rule, with many agreeing they can be traumatising.

The Organic Mami has sparked a heated debate after saying she won’t leave her daughter alone with male relatives. Credit: @theorganicmami/TikTok

One viewer shares: “I’m glad my mom didn’t allow me to have sleepovers. I can have them now as a 23-year-old with my friends. But as a kid? She kept me safe.”

Another adds: “All of these rules are great, and for everyone complaining about the no sleepovers is wild, there’s so much that could happen.”

“I used to get so mad at my mum for not letting me go to sleepovers. But now that I’m a mum, I understand,” a third muses.

Meanwhile, others have taken to the comments and argued her daughter will be missing out.

@theorganicmami on TikTok has shared her controversial rules for her daughter. Credit: @aubrianadurazo/Instagram

“She won’t ever be allowed to have sleepovers with her friends? No judgement. Just those were some of my best childhood memories.” one person comments.

A second says: “If you know the parents and the kid, I don’t see the harm in sleepovers, they’re honestly some of my best memories.”

Aubrey also delves into secrets and how they won’t be tolerated with her.

She says: “Secrets will not be kept from your parents. And if you’re one of those people now saying ‘I’ll give you candy when your mum’s not here, just don’t tell her’, that’s the quickest way to never see us again.”

Aubrey’s most controversial rule regards male relatives interacting with her daughter. Credit: @theorganicmami/TikTok

While Aubrey’s most controversial rule regards adults interacting with her daughter.

In response to this last rule, one person shares: “I used to be forced to let male family and friends give me kisses, hugs, and sit on their laps as a kid. It was ‘cute’ and it traumatised me.”

While another praises Aubrey, adding: “Good for you. These are your choices in parenting and you’re going to raise a strong woman.”

However, others aren’t sure if the mum is going too far, with one questioning: “Never being left alone with your brother, husband, her brother?”

Similarly, someone else comments: “She can’t be alone with her grandpa… like what?”

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The mum says her daughter isn’t obligated to kiss, hug, or sit on anyone’s lap simply because they are relatives.

“She doesn’t have to respect you if you don’t also respect her, as a child she still will have opinions and emotions and she is allowed to feel a certain way,” the mum clarifies.

Aubrey also says her daughter won’t be left alone with a male, adding: “I don’t care if you’re the grandparent, the uncle or the cousin.”

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