Woman Shares Brutal Text She Mistakenly Received From Guy On First Date

A woman has shared the brutal text she mistakenly received when on the first date with a guy, yet everyone has reassured her that she “dodged a bullet” following his mistake. 

Just when you think you’ve heard all the horrible dating stories out there, another one pops up and you realise how cruel people can be.

This dating story involves a woman who was left upset after she received a text message from the guy she was on a date with, that was meant to be for someone else.

The woman decided to share the story onto TikTok, where people joined in her fury.

The messages, which can be seen in the clip, shown a man that is called Seth, on his way to pick up his date.

He says: “I think I’m here.”

Confirming that she can see him outside, the woman was then shocked by the next message that she saw pop up on her phone.

In the message, he said: “Headed that way, she’s bigger than I thought but holy **** her family is loaded.”

Furious, the woman responded: “I’ll pray for ya bud.”

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The woman has since received thousands of supportive comments on TikTok, where people dubbed the man “cruel”, as the message had clearly been meant for someone else.

In the comments section, the TikToker explained that she received the message by accident when they were meant to be going on a double date with another couple. In total, she said they ended up spending less than 20 minutes together.

Since being uploaded, the clip has received a whopping 4.2 million views.

The woman titled the clip: “Reality of dating in 2020.”

Lots of viewers wrote comforting messages to the woman, with one saying: “Thank God you found out his character immediately and not a year down the road.”

A second added: “Oof. I know his soul left his body when you checked him.”

While a third commented: “God was watching out for you lol bye boy!”

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