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AI Creates What The ‘Ideal Boyfriend’ Looks Like In Each US State, According To Experts

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used to show what the 'ideal boyfriend' apparently looks like in each US state.
Credit: via Midjourney

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used to show what the ‘ideal boyfriend’ apparently looks like in each US state.

It feels like stories about AI are frequently appearing in the news cycle – from actors and writers striking due to studios wanting to use it in films and TV shows to people using AI to change their appearance on social media.

We have already seen the use of it to create what the ‘average person’ in each US state looks like and now someone has used it to show what the ideal boyfriend looks like.

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Retail company Shane Co. has surveyed Americans who are attracted to men in each state to find out what their ideal boyfriend would look like – from hairstyles to fashion choices.

With the information they gathered, they’ve used the AI software Midjourney to put the results into pictures – as well as their personality type.

It is worth noting that Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming were not included in the results due to the low number of participants from those states.

So let’s check out what the ‘ideal boyfriend’ from each US state apparently looks like:


First up on the list is Arizona, which shows that the ‘ideal boyfriend’ from this state should have nice wavey hair.

The results from the survey also suggest that he is an ‘outdoorsy’ individual – which is evident from the backpack and scenic background.

The ‘ideal boyfriend’ from Arizona is ‘outdoorsy’, according to AI. Credit: via Midjourney


Next up is California, which shows a well-groomed man who, according to the survey, should be a bit of a hipster.

Another feature that is essential for any boyfriend from California is that they should have tattoos.

What the ‘ideal boyfriend’ from California is supposed to look like. Credit: via Midjourney


If you are looking for someone a bit more sophisticated and corporate, then the state of Connecticut may just be the place for you.

The likes of ESPN, Amazon, Lego and WWE all have major offices there – so it’s definitely the place to be if you’re looking for a ‘business casual’ boyfriend.

Connecticut is the place to be if you are looking for a corporate boyfriend. Credit: via Midjourney


Acclaimed athletes such as Deion Sanders, Bob Hayes and Alex Rodriguez all lived in Florida in their youth, so it should come as no surprise that the ‘ideal boyfriend’ from this state is portrayed as athletic.

People from Florida apparently want their boyfriends to be athletic. Credit: via Midjourney

New Mexico

According to the survey, boyfriends from New Mexico are expected to have a ‘punk/rock’ personality – which may come as a surprise to those not from the state, as it isn’t really known for its rock scene.

However, the rock genre has some roots hailing from the state – including the likes of John Denver and Randy Castillo.

New Mexico
If you are looking for someone with a bit of a punk/rock edge, then New Mexico is for you. Credit: via Midjourney

New York

Similar to California, it seems that people want their boyfriends from New York to have tattoos.

The state is also recognised for its sports culture so it is no surprise that the men are expected to have an athletic build too.

New York
People from New York want their boyfriends to have ink on their bodies, according to AI. Credit: via Midjourney


The state is known for its mountain trails and gorgeous scenery, so it is no shock the survey’s results say the ‘ideal boyfriend’ should have an ‘outdoorsy’ personality – similar to Arizona.

Like California and New York, people like their boys from Oregon to have tattoos too.

Boyfriends from Oregon are expected to be fans of the great outdoors. Credit: via Midjourney

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People have reacted to the results on social media, with one person asking: “Where do I get the machine to build one of these?”

“I’m sticking with my home Ohio!” adds a second.

“I’m moving to Colorado or Idaho then,” quips someone else.

Another person says: “AI knows one thing – hot men! They’re all very good-looking!”

To see the other US states’ ‘ideal boyfriends’ then click here for the full results. 

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