Adult Star Angela White Reveals What She Looks For In A Man

Adult star Angela White has revealed what she looks for in a man.
Credit: @theangelawhite/Instagram

Angela White is one of the world’s biggest adult stars and she has a huge fanbase around the world. But what exactly does she look for when it comes to dating men – let’s find out…

The Australian p*** star – who has a staggering net worth – appeared on the One Night With Steiny podcast, alongside fellow adult star Sky Bri, and opened up about her preferences.

White was asked by ‘Steiny’ what it is exactly she looks for in a man: “What are some of the traits and qualities that you really appreciate when you’re in search of your significant other?”

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To this, the adult star responded: “Kindness, intelligence, I guess openness because I’m a s**ually adventurous person.”

Steiny replied: “You never hear openness. I love that. I really think that people sleep on that.”

To which White added: “Kindness was the first thing that came to mind. Kindness is my number one.”

While White’s answer may have been heartwarming, the adult star has previously been more open when it comes to her love life – and what she thinks is the most important thing men need to be doing in the bedroom.

Angela White and Sky Bri.
Angela White (pictured alongside Sky Bri) has revealed what she looks for in a man. Credit: @theangelawhite/Instagram

Chatting to DMARGE, the 38-year-old said ‘many men’ focus on the wrong thing when it comes to s**.

White explained to the outlet: “Good s** starts with communication. Being able to clearly communicate with your partner what you want and ask questions during s**.

“So ‘Do you like this, does that feel good, should I go faster, should I go softer?’.

“Really being present with your partner and listening, I think that’s the most important thing. I think too many men focus on the size of their d*** and not actually the person in front of them.”

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However, this isn’t all that is important – it seems – as White has also previously revealed the longest amount of time she’s had s**.

On the Only Stans podcast, the adult star said she had been intimate with a partner for six hours.

She recalled: “The longest I’ve had s** for is like, six hours.

“It wasn’t, like, just penetrative s** for six hours. We were fooling around for six hours and having s** – making out, some o***, like, some cuddles, some cuddle-f***ing.”

White clarified that it wasn’t for work and it also wasn’t filmed. It simply was two people enjoying themselves.

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