World’s Biggest Adult Star Angela White Explains ‘Most Important’ Thing You Can Do In Bedroom

Adult star Angela White has revealed what everyone should focus on in the bedroom. 
Credit: @theangelawhite/Instagram

Adult star Angela White has revealed what everyone should focus on in the bedroom. 

The adult entertainer from Australia is one of the industry’s biggest stars and is pretty much a household name.

She’s won numerous titles throughout her career, including Score’s Hardcore Performer of the Year in 2011, per IMDb.

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White has made the headlines numerous times, from sharing the weirdest requests she’s received to slamming former adult star Lana Rhoades.

And now, she’s revealed the most important things people should be doing in the bedroom.

Angela White
Angela White has wanted to be in the adult film industry since she was 14. Credit: @theangelawhite/Instagram

Unlike a lot of adult stars, White didn’t just fall into the business.

The entertainer has previously revealed that she’s wanted to be in the industry since she was 14 years old.

On The Hook Up podcast, she recalled: “As a teenager, I wanted to express and explore my s**uality, and every way I did that was deemed inappropriate so I was teased in high school and I was s***-shamed.

“It was actually a really horrible time for me.”

However, White would soon discover p*** and felt like it was the first time she was seeing ‘women being celebrated for having s** with multiple people and expressing and exploring their sexuality’.

“I didn’t get into the p*** industry until 18 obviously, that’s the legal age,” she added.

Angela White
Angela White has opened up about her parents’ reaction. Credit: @theangelawhite/Instagram

White has also opened up about her parents’ reactions to her job.

The star told 7News that she was ‘never rejected’ by her family, however, her mum was ‘particularly worried’ when she revealed her career – due to the ‘stereotypes’ in the career.

White’s dad had a much milder reaction – “Maybe he had an inkling that it was what I was gonna do, or maybe knew he wouldn’t be able to stop me anyway if he had reacted negatively,” the adult star said.

Although White knew for a long time that she wanted to work in the industry and it’s something she wanted to do, it hasn’t come without regret.

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On the Mack Air Podcast, the adult star said the ‘biggest mistake‘ she made was being ‘a real micromanager’.

“In the beginning, I was even editing all my own scenes, and all my own DVDs,” she recalled. “I don’t regret doing that, because editing my scenes made me a much better performer and a much better director, but I was allocating so much of my time to things that really I should have been paying other people to do.”

And along the way, White has determined how both men and women can make their s** lives even better…

Angela White on DMARGE.
Angela White has revealed what men should be focusing on in the bedroom. Credit: DMARGE via YouTube

The adult star, who could arguably be called a s** expert, appears in a video interview for DMARGE.

White reveals that ‘good s**’ is all about communication, explaining: “Being able to clearly communicate with your partner what you want and ask questions during s**.

“So, ‘Do you like this, does that feel good, should I go faster, should I go softer?’. Really being present with your partner and listening, I think that’s the most important thing.”

She adds: “I think too many men focus on the size of their d*** and not actually the person in front of them.”

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When asked what is ‘too much talk’, the entertainer answers: “I think everyone is going to be different when it comes to what is too much talk and what is the right amount of talk, but again that comes down to communication.”

But according to WebMD, it’s not just men who are making the mistakes in the bedroom – apparently, women are guilty of six!

The wellbeing site’s article, which has been medically reviewed, states that women are more likely to ‘not initiate s**’, ‘worry’ about their appearance, ‘assume s** is casual for a man’, ‘believe men are always up for s**’, give little guidance and ‘get upset’ when trying something new is suggested.

Fortunately, White has some advice for women too.

Angela White
Angela White has also revealed how to make s** just as pleasurable for women. Credit: @theangelawhite/Instagram

On the Whitney Cummins podcast, she encourages women to try out the c***oral alignment technique (CAT), revealing it’s her ‘favourite position’ and is much better than missionary.

CAT is a variant of the missionary position and involves a male lying above the female but moving upwards along the woman’s body. Rather than pointing ‘up’, their e***tion points ‘down’, pressing against the c***oris.

The adult star explains: “CAT means c***oral alignment technique. So you are going to angle your pelvis up so you could put like a cushion underneath your lower back.”

Apparently, this is a foolproof method for women who can’t climax through p***tration.

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