Adult Star Angela White Explains Most Important Thing Men Can Do In The Bedroom

Adult star Angela White has explained the most important thing men can do in the bedroom. Find out what it is here...
Credit: @theangelawhite/Instagram

Adult star Angela White has revealed the most important thing men can do in the bedroom. 

White, 38, joined the industry at 18 years old and has become one of its most successful stars.

She also boasts one of the biggest OFs pages on the platform.

White has recently made headlines for saying she wanted to be in the business since she was 14 years old, as well as shutting down Lana Rhoades’ calls for a ban on adult films.

She’s also candid and has given men some helpful advice when it comes to the bedroom.

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Recently, White spoke to DMARGE and said ‘many men’ focus on the wrong thing when it comes to intimacy.

The 38-year-old explained that communication is key and men simply need to talk to their partners to achieve a better love life.

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She told the outlet: “Good s** starts with communication.

“Being able to clearly communicate with your partner what you want and ask questions during s**.

“So ‘Do you like this, does that feel good, should I go faster, should I go softer?’.

“Really being present with your partner and listening, I think that’s the most important thing.

“I think too many men focus on the size of their d*** and not actually the person in front of them.”

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White was then asked when the talking should stop, to which she replied: “I think everyone is going to be different when it comes to what is too much talk and what is the right amount of talk, but again that comes down to communication.”

So there you have it, if you want to have a better experience in the bedroom, you just have to talk.

Angela White
Angela White has revealed the most important thing men can do in the bedroom. Credit: @theangelawhite/Instagram

Previously, White has been vocal about how women are represented in the adult film industry, claiming that men are treated like ‘champions’ while females are ‘s***-shamed’.

Speaking to Man Of Many, the star said: “If a man goes into p*** and is having s** with a bunch of women, he’s considered a champion. He’s celebrated, but a woman is s***-shamed.

“That myth in and of itself says a lot about our society and culture and how we view women in relation to s**.”

The adult star did acknowledge that things have got better for females, however, she said there’s still room for improvement.

White continued: “Women are still being s***-shamed for expressing their s**uality on their own terms, but with the explosion of OFs, I feel like adult entertainment has become a little bit more normalised.”

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She is not the only adult film star to publicly call for changes in the industry.

Both Lana Rhoades and Mia Khalifa have been open about their experiences working in the business.

Khalifa only worked in the industry for three months and called it the ‘worst time’ of her life and has expressed her desire for it to change.

Meanwhile, Rhoades said that adult movies are 100% fake and the stars are treated like ‘circus acts’.

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