Couple Found Dead On Same Day Died From Different Natural Causes

A couple found dead on the same day died from different natural causes in a 'very rare' case, an inquest has heard. 
Credit: Aleasha Sullivan via Facebook

A couple found dead on the same day died from different natural causes in a ‘very rare’ case, an inquest has heard. 

Aleasha Sullivan, 32, and Joshua Sandercock, 30, were discovered lifeless in her home in Holcombe, Devon on October 21, 2021.

This led to an inquest by Plymouth Coroners Court into the couple’s death.

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After a post-mortem examination, an investigation into Sullivan and Sandercock’s deaths concluded that there was no evidence to suggest any connection between the deaths – despite their bodies both being found at the same time in the same place.

Sullivan reportedly had a domestic violence protection order against Sandercock at the time of her death after a charge of alleged assault against her, reports The Mirror.

Police were called to Sullivan’s home after a welfare concern had been raised by her support worker, who had not seen or heard from her in nine days.

Offices arrived at the property on the morning of the call and receive no response, leading them to peer through the letterbox – only to find a body against the door, reports Devon Live.

Following forced entry into the maisonette, officers established that it was Sullivan’s body.

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They then found Sandercock’s body in the living room upstairs.

The police initially treated the two deaths as a crime scene, as per the inquest.

However, medical examinations of their bodies revealed that they had both died of natural causes that are in no relation to each other.

Aleasha Sullivan
Aleasha Sullivan and Joshua Sandercock died from different natural causes. Credit: Aleasha Sullivan via Facebook

Home Office forensic pathologist Dr Deborah Cook concluded that Sullivan had died of pulmonary thromboembolism, a blood clot in her lungs.

The expert also noted that there had been no signs of any trauma to Sullivan’s body – which dismissed any suggestions that there had been a physical assault.

Sullivan’s medical records allegedly showed that she had a history of drug dependency and mental health problems.

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Reportedly, she also suffered from clotting problems in her legs – which can be made worse through intravenous drug use.

Sullivan was working with Together Drug and Alcohol Services to improve her situation and they described her as someone ‘who wore heart on her sleeve and was just full of character’.

A separate inquest has also confirmed that Sandercock died from pneumonia, reports MailOnline.

Investigations concluded that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the pair’s deaths, while there was also no sign of a disturbance at the property or any third-party involvement.

It could not be confirmed when Sandercock had entered the property or how long he had been there before his death.

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