‘Time Traveller’ Proves He’s ‘Last Person On Earth’ With Video From ‘2027’

A 'time traveller' has claimed he has 'proof' he's the last person on Earth' by posting a video from the year '2027'. 
Credit: @unicosobreviviente/TikTok

A ‘time traveller’ has claimed he has ‘proof’ he’s the last person on Earth’ by posting a video from the year ‘2027’. 

The TikToker, called Javier, also goes by the username @unicosobreviviente, which translates as ‘lone survivor’. 

With over 6.5million followers, he regularly posts similar videos to prove his ‘haters’ wrong.

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A 'time traveller' has shared a video on TikTok claiming he's been to the year 2027 and he was the last person on Earth alive.
The TikToker has posted several other videos claiming to be from the future. Credit: @unicosobreviviente/TikTok

One of his most recent posts appears to show lifeless streets in Barcelona.

He captioned it: “Waking up, everything changes place. 

“I am trapped between 2021 and 2027. I am in a world parallel to yours.”

While the footage does show empty streets, followers quickly commented that they believe the clip was filmed during lockdown, and weren’t convinced that it was from the year 2027. 

One follower joked: “This is Barcelona without Messi.”

“It’s obviously a video from back in lockdown when no one went out,” added another. 

A third said: “Amazing how the traffic lights are still working. This was taken during lockdown when everywhere was a ghost town.” 

@unicosobrevivienteResponder a @diegogr01_♬ sonido original – Javier

Someone else had a suggestion to prove he was telling the truth, saying: “Try a live stream to prove that you are in 2027, in a location that is usually crowded.”

Despite followers not buying into the claims in the video, it has still managed to gather 1.9million views.  

Previously, he’s also posted a video to the platform that shows deserted streets in Valencia in Spain.

However, users of the platform weren’t convinced this video was from the future either.

At the time, one commented: “If this is the future after apocalypses how come his mobile is still working? There would be no electricity anywhere. Also, cars would be scattered.”

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