Experts Share Why You Should Always Shower At Night Instead Of The Morning

Experts are explaining why you should shower at night instead of in the morning.
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Do you prefer to shower at night or in the morning? Well, experts are advising people to always shower at night – and they have a reason why. 

Some people prefer to have a shower in the morning so they feel fresh and sparkling clean for a brand-new day.

Others prefer to wash in the evening, so they can scrub away the dirt and grime from the day that’s gone.

But now experts have weighed in, which means we can finally know for good which one reigns supreme.

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Nancy Rothstein, who brands herself The Sleep Ambassador, told Fox News that showering at night is ‘important’.

She explained: “If you like to shower in the morning, do it. But definitely shower at night. It’s so important to go to bed clean, and it separates the day from the night.

“When you get into bed, you should feel clean. You’ve been out and about all day – why would you want to get into bed like that?”

Rothstein went on to add that a nighttime shower should be an ‘integral part’ to preparing your body for going to bed.

Experts are explaining why you should shower at night instead of in the morning. Credit: Alamy

“It’s time for you – no phone, no emails, just the luxury of fresh, warm water flowing over your body. Call it an opportunity to shower yourself with mindfulness!” she continued.

It is advised that you use lukewarm water as this relaxes the body without putting you at risk of overheating.

Despite this warning, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any health benefits to having a shower in the morning.

Having a shower in the morning helps you to feel awake and alert for the start of a brand new day, especially if it’s cold.

It also cleanses the skin of build-up, as oils can accumulate overnight.

Many people have taken to TikTok and said that if they had to choose between the two, they’d shower in the morning despite the warning.

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“Who can wake up and go out and do stuff without showering,” one person questions.

In agreement, another adds: “Morning, it helps me wake up.”

“Morning, no exceptions,” states a third.

However, others have taken to the platform and argued that you’re getting your bed dirty if you get in it without a wash.

“Night is literally the correct answer, keeps your bedding clean,” pens one user.

A second says: “You have to wash the day off.”

“Some people work for a living, I’m not sleeping in dirt and grime all night,” somebody else writes.

While a fourth person comments: “You guys must have filthy beds! I hope you wash your sheets.”

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