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‘I Asked My Followers To Guess My Age And The Results Were Horrifying’

TikToker Christie Cloggs asked her fans to guess her age and was horrified by the results.
Credit: @christiecloggs/TikTok

A woman took to TikTok and asked her followers to guess her age, but she wasn’t prepared for the harsh reality of what they had to say. 

We all know the meme: “Never ask a woman her age, a man his salary, and a student his percentage.”

But this week, a woman did the reverse – and immediately regretted it.

A TikTok star named Christie Cloggs asked her followers to guess her age.

But it’s safe to say, she was not too happy with the responses she received.

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Cloggs, who works as a brand marketing specialist based in the UK, is mainly known for posting her book reviews on TikTok.

She shares her literary thoughts with her 7,000 followers – but rarely opens up to her fans about the details of her personal life.

Upon discovering how little her followers actually knew about her, Cloggs found out they didn’t even have the most basic details – including her age.

“I did a live and someone said, ‘I thought you were the same age as me, I thought you were 35’,” she explains in a viral video.

“I then realised, a lot of my followers don’t know how old I am.”

She then asked her followers directly to guess her age. But nothing could have prepared her for what they answered…

@christiecloggs This #booktoker wants to know… 👀 #booktok #reader #reading #howoldami #howolddoilook #bookinfluencer #contentcreator #bookishinfluencer #bookishcontent #readeraesthetic ♬ marys_theme.mp4 – joanna sui

What follows is a range of the unflattering replies Cloggs received.

“I wanna say like 35,” one person responds.

Another TikToker comments: “40, but like a 40-year-old mum in the early noughties.”

“You look 25, but your style gives off 38-40,” somebody else says.

A fourth writes: “Your face is giving 27, your vibe and classy style say mid-30s.”

“Early 30s but from your style it’s more 50+ and rich,” another weighs in. “I would say 30+ based on your style really.”

A sixth person pens: “I’d say late 30s to very early 40s. I’m turning 30 this year and your style and vibe feel older than me.”

Christie Clogg
The TikToker asked her fans to guess her age. Credit: @christiecloggs/TikTok

In a follow-up video, Cloggs revealed her actual age.

And it is… (drumroll please) just 26.

She joked she was going to ‘sell all her clothes’ because they were ageing her.

Cloggs also decided she was going to experiment with a centre parting because the side parting ‘made her look like a millennial’.

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It seems as though Cloggs’ actual physical appearance isn’t what is ageing her – more her style and general ‘vibe’.

“Your vibe here is like a young actor playing a mum in a play,” one commenter reassures her.

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Written by Annie Walton Doyle

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