Five Guys Diner Slams Burger Chain After Being Charged $215

A Five Guys diner, known as @abrakebabra_reviews, has slammed the 'slop' burgers being served after being charged $215. 
Credit: @abrakebabra_reviews/TikTok

A Five Guys diner has slammed the burger chain after being charged $215 for an order.

Fred, who is known as @abrakebabra_reviews on TikTok, visited a store in western Sydney and ordered six burgers, three milkshakes, four drinks, and four servings of fries.

Despite it being a popular restaurant, the food reviewer had nothing but negative things to say about his visit, especially when it came to the hefty price.

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In a clip, he told viewers he would rather go elsewhere, as he couldn’t ‘justify’ the price for Five Guy’s quality.

He fumed: “I cannot justify this amount of money for this. I’ll go straight to Hungry Jack’s. There’s the honest truth. It’s f***ing s***.

“Five Guys, f*** off back to where you came from.”

Addressing viewers, he added: “Save yourself some money and go Hungry Jack’s. Get yourself a double whopper and save the f***ing cash.”

So far, Fred’s video has accumulated over 700,000 views.

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Many viewers have taken to the comments section and questioned who would spend such a huge amount on fast food.

One TikToker commented: “Who would buy it, it’ll flop big time.”

Another added: “They won’t last long charging ridiculous prices.”

“Why so expensive?” a third questioned. “The meat is from Australia. They aren’t importing it. They need to chill or they’ll go bankrupt.”

However, some people defended Five Guys and pointed out that the menu clearly states the price, so Fred shouldn’t complain.

“Then don’t pay it, simple,” one person remarked.

Another said: “He is ordering all that and then complaining about the price. Just don’t go there.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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